Thursday, February 20, 2020

A UFO Finish

Not feeling up to picking up the Straits piecing without Elinor here, I pondered what to do.  A squirrel trail led me to Pinterest where an unrelated inspiration sparked my interest.  I saw an image and then a short video by Christina Cameli and found a design that I wanted for my Dandi Annie quilt of January last year. So Marianne and I headed upstairs to the longarm and quilted my Positively Bohemian.  Christina's design is symmetrical and consistent...mine is a far cry from that (LOL) but fortunately, it is a forgiving design that I really had a good time quilting. My DH does not love all this pink (coral) and lime green but I do!

The fabric by Robin Pickens is very fun and happy. I think she might even have a kit available (which is a better way to go than the FQ's) if you're interested. Funny, I looked back in my posts to see when I made the quilt top. I had written that for Christmas (2018), I had gifted myself the fat quarter bundle of this Dandi Annie.  Well, guess what I asked for this last Christmas... Robin's line that came out last fall, Painted Meadow.  I'm seeing a fan trend here.  HA!  I have a pattern picked out and plans but they will have to wait for awhile.  But can you blame me for wanting it?  Look at these beautiful bees!

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Saturday, February 1, 2020


Well, I kind of lost steam here and stopped sewing.  Elinor continued to lose her battle and we had to say good bye last week. The last days were blessed in that she was still interested in eating and drinking and able to get around all right. But we mostly just stayed together in the family room while she rested in front of the fire and helped me work on the projects on the big square coffee table.

It is still hard to process and Marianne didn't want to eat much for awhile.  But thankfully she is doing much better with it now and I am trying to focus on being grateful that we were able (with the help of our vet) to let her go very gently from us here at home.  It's hard to write about as my heart still aches for her.
But there are lots of happy memories of her.

Helping with quilt photography

Pressing matters...

Quilt blessing...

Group binding help...

Binding application...

Family time...
And making sure I kept the fire going...
She is always very dear and in our hearts.
While she was here, I laid out the applique for sewing and sewed all the blocks and sashings at least into rows for the Straits quilt.  With Marianne's and Luke's help I will get back to that soon. I'm thankful I have so many ways to remember and cherish this sweet girl.  
Sorry for the sad news but thank you for reading. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

January 2020

I've had my pedal to the metal pretty much continuing with work on my Straits of Mackinac here. First goal was to complete the 532 triangle in a square blocks which was quite a I rewarded myself with a purchase of more of these lime green baskets. HA!
Fortunately, I have not been working alone.  Marianne has been with me each step of the way.

The iron is not on here but Marianne has taken to wanting to be close to it when it's hot! She's cold as she is kind of skinny and dealing with both kidney disease and possibly lymphoma.  Lots of veterinary things going here.  She's doing actually pretty well with fluids and meds and heating pads. Still being a happy, active cat and keeping me on my toes. I have baskets etc to block her from getting close to the iron when I'm using it.

The next step was to sew most of these into 84 rows for sashing.  I am well on my way and happy to say this step is going much more quickly.
First one...
And now in the morning light, 55 are completed and pressed...
Laying all the blocks and sashing out is going to be a challenge. I need a big design floor!  I think to help with this step though I'm going to see if i can sew sashing to a side of each block and then have bigger pieces to move around. 

My dear Elinor has been helping as well...keeping the blocks pressed.
She is also dealing with health challenges and I'm afraid we are losing the battle. She has always been the sweetest little hermit cat.  Most only know her by her picture. When she will eat she is getting her favorite special food. My heart is heavy but I'm cherishing each moment that she is still in comfort.

As Confessions of a Fabric Addict is always my inspiration to get a blog post going, I'm linking to hers.  Go check out all the other quilty shares on her Friday blog post.

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Friday before Christmas!

I seem to be in the middle of a few projects here which is kind of different for me. But it has made celebrating the Season a bit more fun....especially as I've avoided cleaning the house so far ;-)
Straits of Mackinac took the forefront for awhile.  I have four more blocks to sew together. 
The flowers for Autumn Bouquet are languishing a bit.  I have seven more to stitch together.
Temecula's Tiny Tree is what got most of the attention.  I had fun sewing the finished size 2 1/4" blocks into the tree.  The background pieces gave me some fits and I had to re-do them using my second choice of fabric.  The problem may have been that my seam to sew the blocks together was too small and thus the blocks too big ...rendering the background measurements too small.  I may test this out and see if I can get it right using the pieces I originally cut for it....or I'll just cut them bigger and try to keep all those points for the finish.  It was a lot of fun sewing those little blocks each day.
This also needs a bit more quilting on it. But it's a Tree!

Another project popped up on Quilt Doodles blog.  She designs a lot of cute applique designs that she sells on Etsy and showcased one with a red mixer...just like my sister's!
Had to make this for her :-)
I'm linking here to Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Whoop it up Fridays. Hop over there for some great inspiration!  
And Merry Christmas to you all!  I pray that God's Gift of His Son, Jesus is in your hearts as you celebrate! 

Friday, December 6, 2019

2019 December

Happy December to you all! It's beautiful here today in between rain storms.  We are blessed with rain this year and that is a big deal here in drought ridden California. And it makes for some nice stitching weather :-)

So for the applique project...I was not liking the machine stitched look so I switched to doing it by hand.  This is going pretty well and I'm just enjoying it, not rushing it. 

And this let me get back to my machine...I finished up sewing the triangle in a square units and am really enjoying sewing all the units together into the 12" blocks.  I had removed the tan/browner background pieces and am much happier with the white based neutrals. I'm enjoying some of the fun neutrals I found to include...especially, of course, those crabs!  There are 36 blocks to sew and I'm almost half way this morning.  After that will be the all important sashing that will give the look of curves in this Storm at Sea variation.  This has been a great way to enjoy Janet Clare's  More Hearty Good Wishes fabric with whales and birds and ships.

Inspired by Temecula Quilt Co, I'm joining with a sew along to make a cute Tiny Tree quilt. These blocks look greener in person but it was funny that I noticed after I posted the picture on Instagram...that the center of the friendship star is the wrong fabric. Not sure if I'll change it or not. I will see how the blocks look as we sew along. These are 2 3/4" blocks so they are pretty quick to sew.

Hoping to get more blocks sewn together today on Straits and the Tiny Tree as well.  I'm linking here to Confessions of a Fabric Addict...who sewed a really cute penguin quilt you might want to check out :-)  

Friday, November 22, 2019

bogged down in the flowers

Life has been busy and I'm finding prepping flowers for my table runner to be a bit of a challenge.  I've only done a bit of applique and the prep is always what slows me down.  Sharon has a different technique for using freezer paper where she places the freezer paper shiny side up on the wrong side of the fabric. The edge of the fabric is then pulled over and ironed to stick to the freezer paper. So I'm not so hot at this. LOL  I tried a couple of different techniques that I've used before...hmmm, still not too good and went back to trying the way Sharon does them.  I have lots more to prep so hopefully I will improve :-)
On a different note...I read a really good book!  If you are fans of Jennifer Chiaverini,  she has a new book out in her Quilter's series that I really enjoyed. 
The Christmas Boutique brings her Elm Creek Quilters helping out at the last minute for a charity boutique to raise money for needs in their community. Jennifer's stories have been very fun reads for me and this one did not disappoint. I bought mine on Amazon.
I'm linking here to Confessions of A Fabric Addict. For inspiration, go check out the other posts. And I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with safe travel and good people to share your gratitude with. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 15, 2019

A Win and a little progress

Last month I told you all about the Autumn Jubilee going on over at From My Carolina Home.  I hope you had a chance to go check out all the inspiration. And the prizes even just for visiting!  I think it was last year when I won some LED lights for my sewing machine...that I liked so much that I bought an additional set for my longarm which work wonderfully.  This year I was kind of blown out the water again....with a gift card to Fat Quarter Shop!  Fat Quarter Shop is rather generous as I see them as sponsors to many endeavors. I'm sure many winners of their gifts have as much fun as I did! When the day came for me to do some online shopping, I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store with money to spend :-) 
My choices were some notions that I had been thinking about.  I started with the Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew.  Useful for lining up the stitching line and I may not have to draw lines for HST's. I've tried a couple other versions of these notions but they seem difficult to get out of the way of my feeddogs or stick to the presser foot and dislodge. This tape just sits in the front of the presser foot and doesn't get in the way of anything. So far so good!
 The Slotted Trimmer finally seemed useful because I started pressing triangle seams open and this is a great pre-pressing way to square them up.
Then I picked out a new seam ripper and the navy blue Splash rotary cutter...well, just because it was a fun new color :-)
And then a gift...not pictured and some fabric.  So a big Thank You! to Carole for hosting such a fun and inspirational Autumn Jubilee and to Fat Quarter Shop for their generosity and awesome product line up! This was quite a treat!

The Straits of Mackinac quilt is still on the sidelines as I work on this table runner in the sew along with Sharon Keightley.
The quilt top with the string border is complete.
I have prepped all the 48 leaves along with the bias vines. The four little pots are cut out but the flowers are only cut out as far as cutting out the freezer paper templates and piling up some scrap choices. So hopefully I will get those prepped this week and can start the machine applique process. This part gets scarier! LOL

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