Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hands2Help Finish

Charity quilts have been the main focus here the last several months.  I have worked on quilts for the Paradise Camp Fire community, quilts for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt project and one for a gentleman challenged with multiple myeloma. I needed one for the charities chosen for Hands2Help this year and Jack's Basket was the perfect inspiration!  I found leftovers from a few different baby quilts that I had made that really looked kind of cute together.  Soft blues and greens and bits of other colors for a charm square quilt.  Along with some wild animals, circles are a frequent sighting so random circles was my quilt design choice. This was fast and fun to make.  Displayed here with my critters modeling, I hope it cheers a growing family.

These will probably show up as Pets On Parade entries though I couldn't get Luke to smile!
Thank you, Sarah for again hosting a wonderful event and inspiring us all to get involved.  I'm linking here to the Confessions of a Fabric Addict Link up Sunday for this year's finale.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Our Sammy, 2004 to 2019 
Loved, unique little gladiator who took his job policing UPS, mail and trash trucks very seriously. And even more dedicated to supervising Luke!
Sweetly greeting everybody else with a smile and tail wag.
We will miss you, Sammy and hold you in our hearts.

March..April...and maybe May

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the beginning of the year and I'm barely keeping up.  I'm going to hit the highlights.  I received some quilt tops from a Carol Ann in South Carolina who needed them finished and donated to the Layers of Hope venture of giving quilts to first responders who were affected by the Camp Fire in Paradise, California last year.  So I found backing and binding and proceeded to quilt them.  Two were kind of small and were both charm squares so I combined them to make a quilt closer to the requested sizes. I put just one fabric for each backing.

65" X 74" with a neutral backing

65" X 87" with a floral backing

Next is a child's quilt 42" X 44" with a variety of dog themed pieces on the back.

I'm waiting for information from Jean of where to send these and hopefully will be able to get them to families soon.  There is one more quilt from Carol Ann's to complete.

For the Hands 2 Help effort this year, I found some sweet leftovers of baby quilts I have made over the years.  I made a simple charm square quilt that is on the frame to be quilted. This will go to Jack's Basket.

Other news is that I've been through my first experience with physical therapy successfully getting flexibility and healing in my knee. Wahoo! My therapist was a huge help!  It seems a lot of my day has been going to exercising and walking dogs.  Time consuming but not a bad way to spend time.
Bigger news is that my sister found an amazing wonderful home and has moved to Cambria!  We are really loving having her close.

Sad news happened this week as well.  My 15 year old Sammy had spent a good day with walks and supervising us all but he became weak and unable to continue on the afternoon walk.  We were able to cart him home and to the vet but found he had a heart issue probably related to a cancer.  He improved slightly but we could see he was not going to be able to improve enough to get past all of it.  We were able to spend some quiet time with him and somehow get to the point of letting him go on.  It was a lot to take in and accept in such a short time but Sammy has hopefully found Sabra and is running around again barking at whatever he wants and keeping everybody in heaven in line. I'm putting his picture in another post.
So our house is too quiet and a little lonely right now.  Fortunately, the cats and Luke, our energetic golden retriever are keeping us comforted and busy. 

Linking this post to Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Hands2Help progress report.

Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 February

I've been busy ...
My Christmas gift to myself this year was a lovely fat quarter bundle of Dandie Annie by Robin Pickens. The pattern came second.  I chose her  Positively Bohemian. It was obvious a kit would have been the best choice for this very specific pattern and Missouri Star Quilt Co now has one.  But I had my FQ bundle so I did the best I could. I would have liked double of some of the focus fabrics but the vibrant colors in this line still make this one of my favorites.
I actually finished the top in January but haven't quilted it yet.
I missed something in the initial layout

Uggg, I didn't like this...
So I took out one of the dark strips 

and replaced it
I like this much all it's wrinkled glory. I wish I'd noticed this before I'd sewn it all together but fortunately I didn't have to unsew more than necessary to fix it. 
I finished this top in January but haven't quilted it yet because...
I've been busy with some other projects as well...
I had a little box of "bricks" that I had cut out following Bonnie Hunter's scrap user system. 

I had not found a use for them until Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict started her tutorials for Rockin' Rectangles Quilt Along. My bricks were sized a little shorter than hers so I adjusted the background pieces and then made twice as many for a much larger quilt. This is my version of her Place Your Bets.

Sorry, no quilt holder so it is just on my bed.  The backing is one fabric of a homespun plaid I've been saving. It is 69" by 89" and is quilted with a pantograph using Hobb's 80/20 for batting.

This will be going to a first responder ousted from their home because of the Camp Fire in Paradise.  Jean from Layers of Hope Quilting 911 will be selecting the recipient and I will send it on. 
Next, I quilted a QOV for our local guild and received some quilt tops from someone wanting to donate to Layers of Hope efforts that I'm working on getting quilted. More on that later...
Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Em's Scrapbag.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

In case you need a little pick up 

Missouri Star Quilt Company made a cute tutorial video. I sewed this up yesterday for a friend.
Enjoy the love you have for someone special.
I hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!
Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 2019

Elinor is here to wish you a Happy New Year and to show the cat blessing of the first finish of the year.

Here is a partial shot of the quilt I have made to send to Chico for someone who lost their home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.  I connected with Jean of Layers of Hope to find someone wanting a quilt and will be sending this off.

Many of the color squares from the front and the toile on the back were gifted to me by a quilter neighbor who is trying to clean out her sewing room.  I love toile so it was fun to use. The light fabrics were some in my stash and some from a newly purchased craze I went through with Black Friday and end of year sales online.  I went a little overboard but finally have a great stash of neutrals to use in quilts. It measures 72" X 84".  I used a cotton batt for it which gave a fun wrinkled up look to it.  I quilted all over feathers using a tan Sew Fine thread from Superior Threads.  I washed it and got a fairly colored Color Catcher to show for it.

I finally got brave and tried sewing the binding on completely by machine.  It worked out pretty well.  I sewed it on as usual, folded it over and used my hair clips to keep it in place and sewed with thread matching the binding on top and the backing on the bottom.  My strips were a wide 2 1/2" as I wasn't sure how this would go. So you can see the line of stitching on the backing in the second picture.  I wasn't fast with it...but a whole lot faster than I would have been stitching it down by hand.  I will surely do this again.

As I've been working on this charity quilt for the Camp Fire community, there are quilts still needed for the Carolina Hurricane communities.  Carole has a great effort going.  See her update post here and see if there is a quilt you want to send. 

So I'm currently working on a fabric bundle that I bought as a Christmas present to myself.  I will show pictures soon.
It is stormy here on the central coast of California today.  This sunrise is from a few days ago. It is so breathtaking sometimes that I have to stop and just enjoy it. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 December

I'm catching up here with Thank You's for winnings and gifts...
Way back in October, Carole from From My Carolina Home, hosted a full month of inspiring quilt, food, table setting and gardening ideas...I'm forgetting some...  oh yes, Rubber Stamping! She covers so many fun ideas for home and hobbies. She is also an inspiration for charity gifts and involvement. 
During her month of Autumn Jubilee, she has sponsors that give awesome gifts to those reading along.  Inspired LED gifted sewing machine light kits and I won a kit and and extension kit! Pictured below is my Bernina with all the other lights I had going on it.  And then a picture with the LED lights added. My photography skills don't really do it justice but for my aging :-) eyes, more light is better! This is a great addition. 

I had to read to find out what the extension kit was about.  The initial kit has a very long, long strip of LED lights.  I determined how long a strip I needed for the Bernina, trimmed and attached it with the cord holders to keep everything neat and secure with the plug cord going down the back (Or side if preferred) of the machine.  I found that I still had a very long strip of LED lights to use.  At the uncut end was an adapter that fit into the extension kit.  This meant I had a whole new system to attach somewhere.  I do have another Bernina but this long piece would also fit nicely on my longarm. Wahoo! I definitely could use more light there!  This win turned into a double delight!
A huge Thank You to Carole  and to Inspired LED for such inspiration and light!

A special mention here is to our local cat rescue group here in Cambria, called HART, Homeless Animal Rescue Team.  They have a lovely cattery for taking care of the cats they work to find homes for.  The vets in town help out with needed care for the cats. And several fund raising events are scheduled through out the year to keep it going.  One group within HART raises funds specifically for cats needed more extensive health care.  My friend, Darlene, spends hours and months, preparing for a Guardian Angles raffle they do each fall.  Local artists and others donate items for the raffle.  This year, I won this sweet water color of an orange and white kitty.  It is lovely and as I use to own an orange and white kitty, it is special to my heart.  Thank you HART and supporters for all you do!

Here's a shot of the completed prep for the blocks I sent off to Chico for a quilter who lost her home in the Camp Fire. 

I can't stop thinking about this community.  I am working on a large quilt to send off to them.  Here's a picture of some of it a long with a picture of the wonderful, new wool pressing mat that my sister gifted to me.  I really like it! I like the pressing quality as I think it heats both sides of my fabric and makes the blocks flatter.  I also LOVE how portable it is.  I can take it to any table and iron while I'm sitting in front of the fire or watching TV.  Thank you, Gloria!

Another gift is the time spent with handsome Luke here, walking (or in his case, running) up and down the hills in our local ranch park.  It is wonderful out there!

So we are ending this year and greeting the new one soon.  Here is a recent sunrise seen from my porch to inspire the new day.  "The heavens declare the glory of God"  Psalm 19:1
Thank you for reading along!