Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Bindings in April

I sewed up a quilt top for yet another batik gift quilt in April and completed two rag quilts (displayed here on our new Polywood rocking chairs :-)...but no bindings were needed for them.
A friend of a friend had passed the blocks along for these after she was no longer interested. So I sewed them together and then clipped all the edges. It's still kind of interesting to me how the unraveling makes such a fun, soft edge.
(But not interesting enough to want to make more of these...even with the right snippers that clipping is tedious!)
The purple and red one is just a yard square but the pink and green is large enough to go to Em' Scrapbag for a Hands2Help quilt.
A new edition of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks was previewed by the designers of the blocks. I was a luckypup winner of a copy for my own. Belinda Karls-Nace of Blue Ribbon Designs was the designer who picked my name and sent me a copy. She designed Sunshine and Daisies. Thank you, Belinda :-)

Things to do this month...which is flying by rather quickly!...
Finish the quilt top with Janet Clare fabrics :-) that I'm working on, quilt the two tops, sew up another scrap quilt for Hands2Help and get it quilted...and get bindings on all 3! Not sure I can pull that off but I will give it a go.
Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Binding Blitz

These blocks were sewn together but I needed to hoof it (*see quilt backing below :-) to get this quilt completed to meet a March 31st goal. I was bound (wink) and determined to get 'er done! Partly just to see the end of this project and move on to the next batch of fabric to play with and also to be able to participate in JulieKQuilts Binding Blitz.
The sashing was still more 2" squares so it took awhile to get it all put together. Then I quilted it and planned the entertainment for binding festivities.
Choices, choices.
The earlier BBC version has David Rintoul and is my favorite...but hmm, what about the Colin Firth version. I decided to watch both and confirm my preference. Yep...still love David as Mr. Darcy but then what's not to love about Colin. Sewing binding on has never been better!
So without further ado, I present my March finish.
The fabrics include some called tooled leather for the reminder of a saddle. This quilt is for my friend and (ex-boss :-) and is titled "For the Love of Wyatt" for her sweet horse. It's still a secret though...it needs the label sewn on and the trip over to give it to her. So don't tell anyone!
The backing...
and the binding...
For the quilting I used a pantograph by Dave Hudson called Stetsons & Boots
So head on over to Julie's and see the other bindings completed this month!
Thanks for the motivation, Julie!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blocks,flowers and Hands2Help

Lots of interruptions...but I have my 20 blocks sewn and will start on the sashing blocks this week. For some reason my software wouldn't let me crop this photo.
Marianne helped with the sewing.

While the sunflowers that the birds planted bloomed.
Next on the agenda is the yearly challenge for charity at Confessions of Fabric Addict. Quilters are signing up to make quilts, choosing a charity and sending off a quilt for someone who could use some comfort. Prizes are involved as well as the joy of joining in to a sweet effort. Sarah, our host, has added some fun ideas and tutorials for making 16 patch quilts this year. The button to lead you to her posts is in my sidebar and looks like this :-)
 Almost forgot! A big Thank you to Mary and Sue for help with my needed pattern instructions. I'm all set to sew up some Gentle Art now :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

me again

I was looking through patterns this morning for something to give me an excuse to buy some of Clara's Garden from Kansas Troubles. And happened upon a cute Schnibbles pattern I have wanted to make for awhile. When I opened the package I found this...
Two more covers to the pattern. So I have no pattern instruction...just 3 empty covers to the pattern. Bummer! I have no idea where I purchased this but if anyone has the "inards" and would like to share the actual instructions, I would be most appreciative.  


Hello from California's central coast! though the shoreline really isn't this crooked...lol
It has been a busy month with some sewing and re-organizing and more. My first project and probably last completed project for the month was from bonus triangles.
I sewed up this...which will probably be my only Binding Blitz finish for the month...
from the triangles cut off while sewing these stars last fall...
I love these small quilts and love using up scraps...which led me to finally getting around to dealing with this (and more!)
I must have been cutting up scraps for 4 days this week but am mostly caught up and can grab squares to sew for a "leader ender" project while I move on to the real project I was going to do this month which is this...
And with company coming, this will end up bringing me into March. I have two blocks sewn though so we will see how long it takes for a finish.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Binding Blitz

Julie over at JulieKQuilts is calling for a Binding Blitz this year! Each month we will post pics of the quilt bindings we have finished and link for the show. 
So my first is what I finished on New Year's Day.
And these two followed.
I'm starting a new quilt today so that will be it for bindings in January.
Thank you, Julie, for the push to the finish :-) Follow this link to Julie's blog for more about the Binding Blitz.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

the last batik quilt...for awhile

I finished another quilt for a friend this week using the same pattern from A Quilter's Dream as I showed a few weeks ago. This time I had a layer cake from Hoffman that was rather colorful!
I used Superior's Rainbow thread to quilt flowers and butterflies.
I don't think I showed this picture in the last post about this pattern but these are the scraps I had left from the layer cake after making that quilt.
I think this is a pretty good use of a precut!