Friday, August 10, 2018

2018 Pets on Parade

The Pet Parade has started and you can see all the posts here at Lily Pad Quilting!  Fun pictures of our animals on quilts and prizes too!
I'm entering a fun picture of Luke for Dogs on Quilts.  Feel free to vote for us :-)
Here he is modeling on my Lil' Orphan Scrappy. Luke is a beautiful sweet boy that likes to run about 15 miles an hour a lot! 
More pics from our group...
Elinor, with her green eyes matching the quilt.  This is a good picture of her for the Cats on Quilts entry.  She is mostly just seen in photos by the rest of the world as she is a sweet but very shy girl. 
Marianne is seen here blessing the Lil' Orphan Scrappy
And last but not least is Sammy here showing off his birthday bow.  Not on a quilt but a cool plaid rug that is made from recycled plastic bottles but feels like wool!  
So that is our current group for the parade though we are missing our Sabra who we lost to cancer in January 💔
I hope you enjoy the pictures and win a prize!
Thank you Lily Pad for hosting and to all the sponsors cheering us on!
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 August

Last month I was able to get going a bit with quilting projects in addition to the usual home projects and critter care. 💕  I completed Lil' Orphan Scrappy and even got it quilted. During the process, I was a bit overwhelmed with the pinks, purples and gold!  I felt I had not done the pattern or the fabric collection any favors.  But then when I started adding the darker edge, it all started to look better to me.  I had a bit of trouble with placement and had to re-do rows because this quilt is a BIG one! I didn't have room to lay it out properly before I started stitching.  But eventually I got passed the unstitching and on to a finish.
I quilted it with a feather panto that is a favorite called Feathered Curls. I have other designs I like but they all seem too big.  This one always seems 'just right'.

I finished another quilt top which I will save for later as it is on the longarm waiting to be quilted.  And rather than get that done....I started another top from a pattern I got out of an AQS magazine which is a disappearing 9 patch. It uses 3 charm packs and some yardage which I just happened to have.  The charm pack is from Jo Morton and the brown is an aged muslin.  I have been having such fun as it all comes together so quickly.  I just have photos of the steps and today I hope to actually sew the blocks together.

I'm loving it :-)
I'm also loving that I have managed to fix some blogging glitches and stay connected with other quilters.  My profile was messed up awhile and I couldn't comment on blog posts...even my own!  I think it had something to do with cookies and my sign in but it is working for me again.  I have to check for comments awaiting moderation rather than having them emailed but I am easily able to retrieve them and even have the email to respond to them.  So life is all good again in blogland!
Life was particularly good when I got a sweet treat in the mail from my friend, Julie at JulieKQuilts!  We both love plaids and she sent me some gorgeous, soft flannel ones :-)  Thank you, Julie!

So Yay! these will be fun to sew with.
I leave you today with my sweet Marianne adorning my finished quilt.  And I'll mention that starting August 10th there will be a fun Pet Parade going on over at LilyPad Quilting.  So you may see her picture and some from the other critters in our family there too.  Come join us!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Pictures from Seven Sisters Quilt Show

The last weekend in June is when the 7 guilds in the San Luis Obispo area present the Seven Sisters Quilt Show at the Madonna Inn Expo Center.  The weather is usually beautiful and just driving up to the site is something I enjoy as it is also a working ranch.  I was treated to sites of cows, horses and dogs.  Right where I parked, there were lovely creatures that were crazing and I got to pet one :-)  This kind of made my day happy!

I had helped hang the quilts on the day before but quilt show day is always fun as the cards have been placed identifying the quilters and reading what they had to say about the quilt.
This year I really enjoyed lots of interesting pieced borders that quilters had used as well as some wonderful and different fabrics.

Our guilds are encouraging young quilters to participate and we enjoy new quilters each year.

This was my favorite in the show.  Using a pattern by Yoko Saito, the quilter did an exquisite job choosing fabrics and doing the applique.

Another favorite.

I participated by entering my Double Wedding Ring...which in all my cleverness is exactly how I titled it  :-)

So I will see with this post if I have managed to fix the Blogger change and actually get email notice of comments.  For some time now, I have been having trouble having my sign in recognized on other blogs so that I could even leave comments.  So if you haven't heard from me on your own blog, you will know why.  I have tried work looking for just the email attached and sending a note to comment and I've even gone to YouTube to comment on the Wooly Mammoth blog.  It's a bit frustrating as connection seems to be an important part of blogging.  Blogger and Google is not making it easy for me. I hope your own challenges are getting resolved.  
Happy July y'all!

Monday, June 11, 2018

June Catch Up

At the retreat last fall, Sew'n Wild Oaks had kits for these table mats.  I couldn't pass this one up for my friends roostery kitchen.  It was fun and fast to make. 

With leftover fabric and blocks from the black and white quilt, I sewed up this little table runner.  I still have leftovers I'm playing with.  More later...
And from Confessions of a Fabric Addict...not only are we blessed with the good feeling of creating and giving during the Hands2Help event...there are sponsored gifts.  I was treated to this bundle of fat quarters. Beautiful fabric and colors!  Thank you, Sarah and thank you to the kind sponsors cheering us on!

In the sewing room, I've been working on my Lil' Orphan Scrappy.  I finally have all the blocks sewn and am trimming them up.  I'm hoping to get it sewn together this week.  Here is my Marianne, assistant to the stars ✸

Friday, June 1, 2018

June Starts

I'm trying to work in more sewing this month so I'm starting with my Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks. My fabric choices are looking a bit bright and but as I'm adding an edging of darker blocks I'm hoping it balances out.

Marianne is helping me.

I won a giveaway from Okan Arts. This is such a beautiful gift to receive.  The fabrics and thread are just lovely.  Thank you, Patricia Belyea!

We had birthdays here last month.  Luke turned 6 and Sammy is now 14 years old.  We celebrated with treats and trips to the beach. 

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Friday, May 25, 2018

2018 May H2H

Another fast month here and only a little sewing, but I was able to complete my quilts for the Hands2Help event...though just under the wire :-)
First I completed a little baby quilt for Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.  I think it is about 36" X 40" but it's already on its way and I can't verify the size.  My friend had purchased a box of fabric at a yard sale and this is where I found some fun flannels.  I added the white flannel and quilted it with loops and hearts meander.

My second quilt was actually started last year as I often cut 2" squares from leftover fabrics and sew them together as leader/ender pieces.  I like 16 patches so that is how they often end up.  I pulled from a pattern I saw on a Missouri Star Quilt Co video....though now that I'm looking at the picture it looks like I got a little more "creative" with some of my block turnings. ;-)  This measures 61" X 73" and has quilting with swirls and hooks ala Angela Walters.  The design also has some "creative" moments as I was really distracted by my longarm having trouble with the thread breaking every few inches for a good long while.  I changed the needle, adjusted top tension, bobbin tension, changed the thread, changed the bobbin, sanded all the spots along my thread path, checked my timing, quilt sandwich tension, bar height....everything I could think of or find on a trouble shooting list...Arghhh!
The stitches were perfect and then wham the thread would break. So I would fiddle with something and then start again...for 12 inches or so.  Changing the bobbin, oddly enough, and backing even more off the top tension seemed to make the most difference but it's still kind of a mystery to me. Anyway here it is and it is on its way to Emily to be a Chemo Cozy for some dear person dealing with cancer.  My heart goes along with it and prayers for their healing and comfort.

Thank you to Sarah for hosting this wonderful, yearly event.  Thank you also to Emily and the other organizations that have given us a way to give and make our passion for quilting useful.
I'm linking to Sarah's block Confessions of a Fabric Addict for the final reveal of all the quilts for this year's Hands2Help.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 2018

It's kind of hard to believe it's April already. It has been busy here. The furry creatures of the household have continued to give us some challenges but are doing better for the most part.  Luke likes to run around on our ranch land town park and stick his head in bushes, squirrel holes and wherever.  So though we have not encountered any rattlesnakes, Rattlesnake Avoidance Training still seemed like a good thing for him.  I was dreading it but the company we trained with, Ma and Paw Kennels, were wonderful....relaxed, skilled, gentle and offering a safe, good training session.  Luke picked up the skills to recognize the smell, sound and visual of a rattlesnake quickly and gave the reaction of avoidance they wanted to see. We are headed for a generalization and repetition course in a few weeks to promote our safety.

Marianne, my 13 year old grey long haired kitty has been diagnosed with an early stage of kidney disease. She seems to not be feeling the symptoms of this at present so I'm focusing on the prescribed diet.  To encourage her fluid intake, I splurged on a pretty water fountain from Thirsty Cat Fountains.  I was sure she would LOVE it (Ha!) but it actually took a few days till she would use it. We finally won her over though and she's a pro now. I don't have a good video of her using it but this is what it looks like.  Quiet and easy to clean. 

So any sewing or quilting has still been in the back seat.  I have finished a few small projects though. 
The baby quilt for some friends.

Another mini baby quilt with the leftovers for the Grandma to keep at her house for baby visits.

A small table runner from the black and white leftovers.

And from a recent giveaway win, I received a kit to make this cute table runner from Pam Buda. Her blog, Heartspun Quilts is showing new patterns and beautiful new fabric designs she is presenting. I especially love some of the tiny prints she includes. It was very fun to sew this up. Thank you, Pam!

Last but not least, there was a giveaway on Instagram and I won a lovely pattern from Piece by Piece Quilting.  This would look lovely with some of the fabric from Pam Buda!

I'm going get going with the quilt for Hands2Help (see button at upper left corner of this blog page) and then get back to my Lil' Orphan Scrappy.  I hope you are having a beautiful spring day!