Friday, November 30, 2018

Helping Efforts

Both sides of our country have been hit with natural...or not so natural disasters that have shaken most of us rather hard.  Communities have lost people, animals and belongings as well as buildings and landscapes.
Starting with the storms back east, there are quilters responding with quilt making. Carole at From My Carolina Home has taken in blocks and is making quilts to be donated to those hit with loss from the storms.  She has all the blocks she can use at the moment to make the quilts she can do but has links of where to send completed quilts posted on her blog.  She is also linking other longarm quilters though with quilters who want to donate quilts to be quilted and donated. She has posted instructions for making the quilt blocks that were made for those hit by the Thomas Fires (and mudslides) last year. So there is lots of information there. Please go check out her blog posts and enjoy the comfort of being able to help out. From My Carolina Home

I had sewn some blocks to send but didn't like them.  I had pulled from novelty fabrics.  So I decided to pull more and just make a quilt for a child.

I've almost finished sewing the binding on and then it will be sent to:
Carolina Hurricane Q Project
c/o Catholic Charities
20 N. 4th Street, Suite 300
Wilmington, NC 28401

Next is an effort encouraged by Lori at Humble Quilts to help perhaps more specifically the quilters that lost everything in the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.  She is taking many of her own quilts and supplies, along with donations from some others, to Honey Run Quilts, a quilt store in Chico where much of the Paradise community is sheltering. She says they have all the fabric they can handle at the moment but can use some supplies like rulers, rotary cutters, thread, etc. (Update note: Quilty supplies can be sent to 
Honey Run Quilters  % Ronda 
2418 Cohasset Rd  Suite 100
Chico,CA 95926)
Someone had mentioned on their blog about hand sewing projects. So with some extra generosity from Julie at Julie K Quilts, I am sending on a ready to go wool project for someone to enjoy some hand work.
I had patterns and intentions of sewing this past free sewing mystery from Buttermilk Basin but didn't get very far.  Julie had shared many of the blocks...already prepped!...with me.  I prepped some more and stitched a few but still many of them sit here ready to go.  This snowman quilt seems like it could bring a quilter some needed joy of stitching. I need to prep the remaining blocks. but I'm going to send it packaged to the Honey Run quilt store and hope they can find a quilter who will enjoy it.

And last but not least, Lynn Wilder at Sew'n Wild Oaks is raffling off 2 quilts to earn money to give to individuals who lost their homes in the Paradise fire.  She will be drawing the winners on January 15,2019 so go check out her blog. The tickets are $5 and the quilts are lovely! Stitch Paradise Back Together!
OK another is a great link for choices of how to help ...
How to Help Camp Fire Victims

November 2018

Scrrreeching in on the last day. It has been a full month. I'm happy to say that I've been able to sew and quilt and also enjoy some online fabric shopping :-)
Diamond Dash is a gift to newlyweds and I quilted it with a pantograph called Baroque Hearts. I used a neutral thread for the top and Rainbows variegated for the bobbin. This quilt pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt Company and my use of it was inspired by Vickie at  Vicki's Crafts and Quilting. Thank you, Vickie!

The backing looks a little purple here but is actually a dark turquoise blue.

Next, I finished sewing the batik blocks (with the cut off flying geese!) and quilted a watery looking pantograph with more Rainbows variegated.
This lovely is for me :-) as I love the colors in these fabrics!

The backing is a beautiful fabric from Edyta Sitar.
My sister purchased this quilt kit for me a couple of years ago at PIQF.  I remember being thrilled by these fabrics.  It is a poignant memory for me now as we purchased this from Morning Star Quilts.  I think their store had already closed but I think they were to continue at quilt shows.  They are located in Paradise, California though and so I don't know what fate their business has suffered in a community so tragically destroyed by fire.  California has been hit so hard this year, it is too much to take in.  And that along with the devastating storms and flooding on the eastern part of the country.  
So with so many opportunities to reach out and help, I hope we are all finding our ways to support, comfort and pray.  I will do another post to share some wonderful efforts going on where we can join in. 
So back to DH likes a refrigerator much that I keep have to making them when I can't cheat and find them sold somewhere. It started with a purchased Kiblan the Cat towel long ago.  The towel wore out so I used the top over and sewed a new towel in.  This wore out and the top looked bad so I finally copied it and sewed another...and a back up. 
A perhaps silly, simple project that is making him quite happy.
I didn't take pictures but also made a heroic effort replacing a zipper in his Patagonia jacket. Not for the faint at heart! 
I hope you all enjoyed a sweet Thanksgiving. 
More later...I'll be back sooner than usual. 

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

2018 October

The end of September had me driving to the mountains for a Sew'n Wild Oaks quilt retreat! It was a trip with some odd challenges of  Google misdirection and re-direction, a trip and hard fall, and allergies.  Fortunately, the quilt retreat itself was wonderful for meeting up with friends, getting some good sewing time, and great falafels found at a restaurant in Turlock on my safe though long driving trip :-).  I came home bruised and scraped a bit but with a completed quilt top and some blocks started for the next.
A view of the lake where we spent our days. Lovely warm, peaceful days.

And a view from my sewing spot with the cute sewing mat from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

A look at my Diamond Dash quilt top.

And the few more blocks for the next quilt

While there, I was able to show my finished Lil' Orphan Scrappy (Lynn's pattern) that I started at the retreat last year.
And the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt top that I worked on last month.

I have been sewing more of the blue batik blocks this week and will hope to get some of these tops quilted soon.  Before leaving for the retreat I was able to quilt two Quilt of Valor quilts for our guild but neglected to take pictures. This month's guild meeting is when we get to see the year's work before their presentation next month on Veteran's Day.
A note about my sweet kitty, Marianne.  She isn't able to tolerate the kidney food she should be eating but we started giving her some extra fluids and her lab results last week came back FANTASTIC! I feel like this is a gift from God and I am enjoying this extra time with her still eating well and living her sweet, happy life. I am so grateful!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018 September

From spring on through the summer, we have been busy with one house project after another.  Three trees removed because of this bummer of a disease the local Monterey Pine forest succumbs to, replaced skylights and added copper flashing, replaced a broken washing machine.  Exterior of the house painted, fencing added to the back fence. And then finally to have the side "dog" yard resurfaced and a wood shed built for firewood storage.

Luke wanted a sun deck.

 A little bit more yard work and we will be caught up outside. This along with dog walking and needed attention to kitties has not left a lot of energy for sewing.
But I have stolen moments here and there 😊

I have almost completed the Disappearing Nine Patch top after making it a row wider and longer. I still need to add borders to it but this is how it is looking...before pressing.  I'm still thinking about how to quilt this.

A fat quarter bundle had been percolating in the stash and was finally sewn into a Half Baked pattern that I've used a few times. The fabrics were so cute, I didn't want to lose the pictures on them.  This is going as a gift to our veterinarian family as a Thank you for all the great support and help they give our family. They recently moved from the shore to inland a ways.  This will remind them of their time by the sea.

Marianne helped me with the photo shoot.
And here's the whale backing material.
The sun back lit these photos so much. I may try to get more pictures (after it's out of the washer/dryer).

Before I get back to the longarm for some QOV work, I pulled more fabric from my stash and am sewing up a Diamond Dash quilt (by MSQC) that was inspired by Vicki in Minnesota. This will be a quilt for a young couple here getting married in November.
I am off in a couple of weeks to quilt retreat with Lynn Wilder again in the mountains. So next time, I'll be back with some good times to share.
This week, my friends on the east coast are bracing for Hurricane Florence and they are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the storm lessens before it arrives and that everyone finds a safe place to stay. Take care, everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2018

2018 Pets on Parade

The Pet Parade has started and you can see all the posts here at Lily Pad Quilting!  Fun pictures of our animals on quilts and prizes too!
I'm entering a fun picture of Luke for Dogs on Quilts.  Feel free to vote for us :-)
Here he is modeling on my Lil' Orphan Scrappy. Luke is a beautiful sweet boy that likes to run about 15 miles an hour a lot! 
More pics from our group...
Elinor, with her green eyes matching the quilt.  This is a good picture of her for the Cats on Quilts entry.  She is mostly just seen in photos by the rest of the world as she is a sweet but very shy girl. 
Marianne is seen here blessing the Lil' Orphan Scrappy
And last but not least is Sammy here showing off his birthday bow.  Not on a quilt but a cool plaid rug that is made from recycled plastic bottles but feels like wool!  
So that is our current group for the parade though we are missing our Sabra who we lost to cancer in January 💔
I hope you enjoy the pictures and win a prize!
Thank you Lily Pad for hosting and to all the sponsors cheering us on!
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 August

Last month I was able to get going a bit with quilting projects in addition to the usual home projects and critter care. 💕  I completed Lil' Orphan Scrappy and even got it quilted. During the process, I was a bit overwhelmed with the pinks, purples and gold!  I felt I had not done the pattern or the fabric collection any favors.  But then when I started adding the darker edge, it all started to look better to me.  I had a bit of trouble with placement and had to re-do rows because this quilt is a BIG one! I didn't have room to lay it out properly before I started stitching.  But eventually I got passed the unstitching and on to a finish.
I quilted it with a feather panto that is a favorite called Feathered Curls. I have other designs I like but they all seem too big.  This one always seems 'just right'.

I finished another quilt top which I will save for later as it is on the longarm waiting to be quilted.  And rather than get that done....I started another top from a pattern I got out of an AQS magazine which is a disappearing 9 patch. It uses 3 charm packs and some yardage which I just happened to have.  The charm pack is from Jo Morton and the brown is an aged muslin.  I have been having such fun as it all comes together so quickly.  I just have photos of the steps and today I hope to actually sew the blocks together.

I'm loving it :-)
I'm also loving that I have managed to fix some blogging glitches and stay connected with other quilters.  My profile was messed up awhile and I couldn't comment on blog posts...even my own!  I think it had something to do with cookies and my sign in but it is working for me again.  I have to check for comments awaiting moderation rather than having them emailed but I am easily able to retrieve them and even have the email to respond to them.  So life is all good again in blogland!
Life was particularly good when I got a sweet treat in the mail from my friend, Julie at JulieKQuilts!  We both love plaids and she sent me some gorgeous, soft flannel ones :-)  Thank you, Julie!

So Yay! these will be fun to sew with.
I leave you today with my sweet Marianne adorning my finished quilt.  And I'll mention that starting August 10th there will be a fun Pet Parade going on over at LilyPad Quilting.  So you may see her picture and some from the other critters in our family there too.  Come join us!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Pictures from Seven Sisters Quilt Show

The last weekend in June is when the 7 guilds in the San Luis Obispo area present the Seven Sisters Quilt Show at the Madonna Inn Expo Center.  The weather is usually beautiful and just driving up to the site is something I enjoy as it is also a working ranch.  I was treated to sites of cows, horses and dogs.  Right where I parked, there were lovely creatures that were crazing and I got to pet one :-)  This kind of made my day happy!

I had helped hang the quilts on the day before but quilt show day is always fun as the cards have been placed identifying the quilters and reading what they had to say about the quilt.
This year I really enjoyed lots of interesting pieced borders that quilters had used as well as some wonderful and different fabrics.

Our guilds are encouraging young quilters to participate and we enjoy new quilters each year.

This was my favorite in the show.  Using a pattern by Yoko Saito, the quilter did an exquisite job choosing fabrics and doing the applique.

Another favorite.

I participated by entering my Double Wedding Ring...which in all my cleverness is exactly how I titled it  :-)

So I will see with this post if I have managed to fix the Blogger change and actually get email notice of comments.  For some time now, I have been having trouble having my sign in recognized on other blogs so that I could even leave comments.  So if you haven't heard from me on your own blog, you will know why.  I have tried work looking for just the email attached and sending a note to comment and I've even gone to YouTube to comment on the Wooly Mammoth blog.  It's a bit frustrating as connection seems to be an important part of blogging.  Blogger and Google is not making it easy for me. I hope your own challenges are getting resolved.  
Happy July y'all!