Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finally some finishes

Mr. Walking Rabbit is quilted and decorating the wall in our family room, warming my primitive heart.  Thank you to Log Cabin Quilter for the inspiration. I loved the plaids and flannel that went into making this guy. It was just a fun project.
Next I have another attempt at dealing with my novelty fabric "problem". When I started quilting back in the 90's, Debbie Mumm's designs thrilled me...to the point of buying an awful lot of Noah and his ark. (I am fighting with Blogger again about where I want to place text)...So here is the quilt top and then the quilt back. I actually still enjoy Noah...fortunately. This quilt was simply designed to showcase the large images.

One initial plan for this fabric was to use a "10 minute block" method that I saw posted on Happy Cottage Quilter's blog but it didn't work so well with these novelties. Zebra would be Zera in all the blocks. I do like the idea of this method though and will look for a chance to use it.

On to newer fabric...but still a few years old...I made a king size quilt for my friend several years ago for her wedding. Recently, I realized I had leftover blocks and lots of fabric I could use to make a smaller version for myself. This quilt is called Buckeye Beauty in Marsha McCloskey's Quick Classic Quilts. Tonya chose the fabric collection from my stash and selected this pattern. It is still a favorite with both of us. For mine, I quilted it with a pattern called Plumage...which seems to be my current favorite.

I have been doing some embroidery and now quilting on a couple of little quilts planned for Christmas presents....no pictures available because of the surprise factor. And today I have gathered up all the Psalms blocks and will start on putting them together with sashing fabric.  I will show a picture next time because if I try to add it now...who knows where it will show up in this post.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I have been doing embroidery, piecing and longarm quilting but have no pictures to show for it yet.  What I do have though is a picture of the new baby deer in our neighborhood and some views of where we go to walk the dogs most days.
This sweet little creature will learn which houses have the best salad!

We are blessed to live by a large ranchland that our town purchased and now has open as a park for everyone to enjoy. Along the ocean we have a beautiful circuit to walk and view the ocean and some interesting creatures.
This is looking north to San Simeon.

And here we head back toward the south to check out who is hanging out on the rocks.

We love seeing these sunbathers everyday.

Hope you are having a great day with family and friends.