Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Imagine" a finish

I think we have overcome some of the computer issues so...Finally some quilting around here. This is a Schnibbles quilt called Imagine that I finished today. I messed with the block placement a bit to make a more obvious pattern. Lovely collection from Moda called Peace On Earth. The plaid in the group was my absolute favorite. It is a small 37" square and fits perfect for me to use when I sit at my computer or to adorn the back of my chair.

I'm working on placemats with roosters this week... when I am not headed off to work that is.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

log on problems

I'm having trouble with my computer locking up every time I try to pull up the blogging website/dashboard page. So I'm not sure how long I will keep trying to blog. Thanks for those of you who have checked in for my posts and I'll continue to check in with yours when I can.
Keep stitchin' :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

doggin' it

Looking at this video, one might assume we are successful at getting Mosley to get a little extra exercise using a Dog Trotter....however, we can only get him to move ever so briefly when trying to reach for the cookie. It apparently needs a motor. :-(

Oh well, I'm going back to stitching and either start the placemats I need for a gift or finish the binding on a Schnibbles quilt (as seen in left corner of video). Guaranteed success there.

Update just in!...we called the 'company' and they suggested putting the front of this contraption on wood blocks to raise it up a bit. AND it worked! Mosley was trotting away at 2.8miles per hour and very proud. Now why would we want this in the first place? We adopted Mosley last November. He is almost 8 yrs old and has some behaviour issues that I felt would be partly helped by more exercise. I walk the dogs 4 days a week for about 1.5 hours but can't do it on the days I work. Dear Husband, as sweet as he is, is not able to take them for walks but came up with this idea as a way to help them when I'm not home. This is such a huge relief. Returning this item was going to be a huge shipping challenge!

This week, we also had a long awaited consult from a trainer who has done some work with The Dog Whisperer. I've watched the shows but knew there was so much I just 'wasn't getting' and boy was I right. She helped us so much in such a short time. After owning dogs for 30 some years, I may actually become a calm, assertive pack leader :-) Thank you Cheri Lucas!

I rewarded Mosley for his efforts with a walk out in the real world with his sisters. What wonderful creatures :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

more diamonds

So for the stitching part of the retreat, I worked on some diamonds. Photo, top left, is Quilted Diamond (these are all from Linda's first book) #94 It was just what it ought to be, and looked what it was; and QD #130 a letter from a niece.

QD #68 It has been the work of many generations.

Desert Retreat

I traveled to southern California to the desert this week to stay at La Quinta Resort for a few days for a medical conference. The trip was paid for by the physician's group at our ER as a reward for a few nurses that had done the most patient follow up calls. I was thrilled to be 'caught' doing my job well.
A friend from Tucson drove there to stay with me. The resort is nestled right up to the base of the Santa Rosa mountains. My camera and skills don't quite show the grandeur of these mountains but they were almost the best part of being there. The temperature was actually not as high as usual for this time of year which was a particular 'God send' perhaps just for me :-) It was a blissful 85 degrees on Friday with just a gentle breeze.
The first pictures show the mountains behind the resort and this lovely manmade stream over river rock that I enjoyed.

The next photos are of the courtyard in front of our room,
the lovely Spa where I indulged in the best pedicure of my life! and a massage.

And then these lovely flowers.
Diamonds of flowers....which gives a hint of what kind of sewing I was doing while on retreat. more later,

Monday, June 1, 2009

short vacation

just in case someone is looking for me :-) I'm off to the desert for a little learning and a little visiting with a friend who is learning to stitch. more later,