Thursday, June 29, 2017

Too far behind to even title this!

Way back in February (I think), I asked a friend if she needed help with her En Provence. She hadn't started we met for breakfast and she showed me a variation she had seen using blacks, greys and whites.  I liked it too so we set about gathering fabrics and met to figure out how to make it happen. Another friend offered up all her neutral 4 patches as she had stalled after the first clue. A collaborative quilt :-)  Julie set to making the dark 4 patches and I started with quarter square triangles. I had some skill building to do with this step and improved along the way somewhat.
Next I started the triangle in a square blocks and treated myself to the Loc Bloc ruler to make them. This was fun and I got hooked on making all these smaller units.

This is the last pic I have. Julie is hand sewing the binding finish.
I quilted a swirl and hook version that I learned from a watching Angela Waters video. She is really good teacher! (Julie chose the red for the binding...not the black)

Our local quilt show was this last week in San Luis Obispo.  The 7 area guilds come together for this show every year.  Seven Sisters Quilt Show is named after the mountain (hill) range from SLO to Morro Bay. A fun show and I was encouraged to finally show a quilt when my friend told me to enter the curvy Wheel of Mystery. This really was me practising so I never thought about showing it while I was quilting it...or I would never have been able to finish! It was such a stretch for me.  But I filled out the forms and it was included in the show. I was shocked to learn that it won a sponsored ribbon (as in not judged for skill...someone just liked it)!  It was picked because the quilting was planned and different than others.  Thank you Sew Kind of Wonderful, Judy Madsen and even Karen McTavish! who I have learned from and follow their design ideas.
I have to say this certainly made the show fun for me this year! It was my first time to enter a quilt. More quilts from the show...

I'll show more quilts next time. It was a lovely show!

more later :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Independence Day celebration!