Saturday, June 30, 2012


Not sure where to start here. June was a good month in many ways but has ended rather sadly. My lab, Sandy, had many good days and walks in the forest but her melanoma came back abruptly last week and we had to say good bye to her. I was very grateful to have these past months with her seeing her enjoy her walks and time with me. I was also grateful that though this return of disease was annoying, she was not in pain. It would have been harder to see her suffer.
The stitching we did this month involved making some table runners for gifts. I can show the pictures now because the birthday girls have now opened their presents. These table runners were from a pattern that was for free and posted, I think, during one of the holiday blog hops a year or two ago. Unfortunately, what I printed out didn't include the designer so I don't know where to give credit for this idea. If anyone recognizes it...please let me know and I'll post it here. It uses fat quarters or yardage and is fast and kind of fun. The quilting is mostly SID and a five point star in the center.
Thanks to Mary, I now have the designer info...head over to Quiltbug at  to see the pattern for the table runner.

I finished the stitching on Blackbird Sings and washed the Transfer Eze off. The stitching looks a little wobbly and loose with the layer of product gone. I should have pulled my stitches tighter and may have to change my feelings about embroidery hoops.  I have since stitched a lobster on a towel...which was on a thin terry cloth towel...using the Transfer Eze and a hoop and the stitches came out nicely. I'll show a picture of that later but the hoop may be the needed change.
I'm machine and hand piecing a little charm quilt that is to be another gift so the picture for that will have to wait as well. The handwork is a helpful distraction here. We are planning to rescue another dog soon to help our hearts  heal. Sandy and Bridget rescued us from loss years ago and another rescue seems like our best idea. Dogs are the best medicine.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

giveaway alert

Margaret won the copy of Sonoma Rose that was recently reviewed and given away here. She has enjoyed her read and is now passing it on for someone else to win. Go visit Powers That Bee Quilting to view some of her lovely machine quilting and to enter her giveaway.
I've been working on some gift projects that I can't show till next month and working on some embroidery....more later...:-)