Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 January

Still not a single stitch of quilting here though I did mend some dog toys...twice. Sammy likes to chew off the legs of his soft toys. Grrr.
The flooring is completed

and the furniture moved back in. We are slowly putting felt under each piece to protect the floor. Some of this happened quickly with the help of the young men helping us move it all back in place but we ran out of supplies quickly and so it was left to us. It is likely we are overdoing this step....common here ;-)
For fun though, I have pictures of my cats.  A friend gave us two of these wonderful felted wool cat caves!
They are comfy for the cats and kind of entertaining for us to watch them used.
This has been a cold and wet month outside. Great days for curling up in a cat cave.  I am getting hopeful of being able to sew again soon!