Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 2016 and the New Flooring!

It's Christmas Eve here on the central coast of California and it is clear, crisp and getting green from the amazing rains we have had lately. We are all deeply grateful for the water!
We are celebrating the love God blessed the world with through His Son, Jesus. Even though Jesus wasn't really born in December, we're singing along with the angels that sang...whenever it was! rejoice in the salvation He is to us.  I don't really love the holidays but can say that people taking the time to show love and peace to each other is always welcome and stirs hope and more peace. I hope you are each blessed with loved ones with whom you can share joy.
We are also celebrating here with some deep chaos!  As I've mentioned before, we are getting some long needed new flooring. Our house is for the most part packed up and stored.  Most of my furniture is in my garage and will be for another two weeks!  Crazy! We didn't really plan it this way..actually, maybe we didn't plan at all!  But once we figured out what we wanted and found the right installer, we just went for it.  Of course, schedules were backed up and the job turned out to be much more than the installer estimated...but it is getting done and getting done very well.  The subfloor was actually in good shape but it is in Really Good Shape now.  This guy prepped thoroughly...with very loud tools! It was brutal for over a week but we can see some results and are quite happy.
The flooring...for those who have wanted to see called Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)  Very scratch resistant and can be spilled on and mopped without fear of damage. It's also a little quieter than wood and yet looks like it :-)
Good bye blue carpet...

Subfloor was painted during original construction to protect it from the rain happening at the time. We only had one maybe two places where we had a squeak but our current installer drilled long screws securing the subfloor again to the every foot or so.  No chance of squeaks now!

They also sanded/ground the floor all over for maximum smoothness.

The outside edge of the house is cement and the center of the subfloor had settled to make up to about 3/8" difference from the center to the edge. So after underlayment (plywood boards) were placed in the center, a leveling compound was poured to even it out to the edge making it all the same height.

Then they went about laying planks.  The glue my husband chose is a crazy one that requires mixing and gave off lovely fumes so the men wore respirators for protection. The glue adds yet another layer of protection from moisture.  We are pet proofed!

A heavy roller sealed those planks down.

We still have quite a ways to go but it is looking good!
They completed the floor in our bedroom so we could put our bed back together and leave the upstairs (where we have been staying) for my sister who is 'roughing' it here with us for Christmas. We huddle in my husband's office where they brought in some chairs for us so we can eat and watch Christmas movies :-)
Then next week they will be at it again and tackle the stairs and upstairs bedroom after completing the bottom floor. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  I think I'm starting the new year buying a Roomba to help with all this dog hair :-)