Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quilt finish and some news

The dog quilt is completed. I used a design of dog bones and paw prints for the quilting. The backing fabric choice changed but the rawhide bones worked well for the border.

Being inspired by Buster from Carol's Crafty Creations I wanted to try a photo shoot with Mosley. I do not have a cooperative group!

Even with cookies in my hand, he had to be led out with a leash and would only tolerate this silliness for a brief moment.
But oh well...the quilt is done and will be given to my friend soon.

Other news is not so good. Bridget has been blind since her bout with pneumonia for some still unknown reason and though improving in strength, the blindness and weakness from the arthritis had reduced her life to mostly challenges. While sleeping Tuesday evening, she started tensing up and shivering which were signs of her fighting off a fever. Her distress increased quickly and we knew that we needed to let her go. We were able to get comfort for her quickly (thanks to a pet ER) but it was very sad to say good bye to her.
Bridget and her sister, Sandy came to us from the county animal shelter 6 years ago. We have been so blessed by these girls. Sandy has some health issues of her own now so our days with her may be short as well. We are grateful for each moment we are given of our dogs being happy and able to enjoy their life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back from Tucson

I enjoyed safe travel and was treated like a Princess :-) while visiting with two friends and an adorable Brittany named Lizzi. We visited a quilt shop in Green Valley..Heart and Hand...where I found some tiny scissors allowed on airplanes and also some black fabric to use in the dog quilt I making.  We also enjoyed delightful pedicures and a beautiful hike up into the Santa Rita mountains where we put those same pampered feet to good use. The weather was perfect!
Lizzi, the lizard hunter.

This view overlooks Tucson.

My Lead Hikers :-)

View of Mt Wrightson which is at a 9453 ft elevation.

We hiked from the 5500 ft level to the 7080 ft Saddle and went about 6.5 miles.
No blisters for me in my Nikes but I slipped and slid the whole way. Note: proper hiking boots are apparently a needed safety item!

More challenges with the canines made it hard to leave home but my DH did a wonderful job helping everyone back to health and comfort. I came home to happier dogs.
While traveling, I enjoyed stitching on my Blackbird Sings embroidery. The last couple of days I finished putting the borders on the dog quilt and making the backing for it. It is loaded on the longarm where I hope to start quilting it today.
quilt pics next week :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Embroidery Stitches

Awhile back, I enjoyed Sunday posts from Helen at Hugs from Helen. She taught specific stitches and tips for embroidery. Today I referred back to her posts to learn how to do a couple of new stitches for me.
First is the Chevron stitch which is in my Blackbird Sings pattern. I think I got it right.

Next I learned the Feather Stitch. I like this one it goes fast :-)

Thursday, I am flying to visit some friends in Arizona. I bought a rolling tote like Bonnie Hunter posted about once in hopes of just having a carry on. I also found some little scissors that should meet TSA requirements so I can stitch while I wait and travel. I haven't flown in quite awhile so I hope all this works!
Happy Stitching all :-)