Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sad news here

Mosley, my sweet 12 year old golden retriever started showing signs of an illness last week revealing a more serious problem.
We had to say good-bye on Monday.

August 17,2001-December 2,2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giveaway Winner! and quilt parts

The Blog Hop Party has ended and I must say...this one has been the most fun! I loved reading each comment and was rather happy to have so many responses. My header picture of Ms. Elinor has thrown many as they expect to see a Pup who is lucky. But what can I say... We are all luckypups here! (and I love this picture of her :-)
I used a random generator to pick a number.. 32! Then counted down the list of comments and found the name "ytsmom" of Downstairs, Quilting. So ytsmom is our Luckypup winner. I'm sending her an email and will send out the sweet cat panel and fabric pieces when I get the mailing address.
Thank you all for visiting my blog and for all the great comments!
In the meantime I have been working on some piecing following Bonnie Hunter's instructions for her Blue Ridge Beauty from her book, Adventures with Leaders and Enders. Here are the quilt parts...

The block...
and the first ones made
I'm having a good time. I love piecing :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy moments of gratitude in your heart. Those are blessings themselves.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog Hop Party and Giveaway!

Thank you for visiting. The Blog Hop Party winner has been selected :-)
A big Thank You to Michelle at Quilter's Gallery for hosting this blog hop! This gives bloggers a chance to say thank you to all the quilters that take the time to read our blogs and share in the quilty projects we love to show. And what is a more fun way to say Thank You! than with a giveaway :-)
Autumn is my favorite season and so this is one of my favorite times for a giveaway. I purchased this panel from Terry at Whimsicals and I want to share it with you...mainly because I love the look on this cat's face...
The panel has even more of this face :-) and also my favorite, sunflowers.
I have a pattern for a quilt using the panel and a page with ideas for other pillows etc. I have picked out some small pieces of fabric for use or color inspiration to send along as well.
So if this feline would help you celebrate Fall, please leave a comment for me on this post and I will draw a name on November 27 after the close of the Blog Hop. Click on the button at the top left of my blog page and it will take you to Quilter's Gallery for a list of other participating bloggers.
And Thank You for reading my blog and sharing the fun of all things quilting!


Monday, November 18, 2013

purchases from PIQF

I forgot to show the loot I found at PIQF. I searched the place for homespuns and only found a little bit. Attic Heirloom and The Rusty Crow are the ones that came through for me  :-)
Attic Heirlooms also provided the some of the best wool along with that gorgeous light green from Reet's Rags to Stitches!
We also shopped for some batiks for a bag for my sister. There was a lot of gorgeous batiks at the show...sorry I can't remember which vendor we purchased this from.
I'm working on a Bonnie Hunter "Blue Ridge Beauty" here this week. I'm hoping to be quick about it so I can give it to a friend.
In the meantime, Blog Hop Party is coming up this week. Check back Thursday for a giveaway :-) 

Monday, November 11, 2013

One present completed

Not much quilting going on here but I completed a couple of hand towels at least to give as Christmas gifts. This pattern is from Quilt Doodle Designs
The pattern calls for snowflake buttons but I just embroidered some "snowflakes" tossed in the air. Fun and fast design and a chance to use some plaid :-) for the scarf.
Happy Veteran's Day everyone and a Huge Thank You to those who have helped preserve our freedom!

Monday, October 28, 2013

a bit of the International at the quilt show

At PIQF, there is an international exhibit that travels from show to show. This year there were quilts from South Africa, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany and the United States as well. I focused on taking some pictures of the ones from South Africa to share with my blogging friend, Cucki who lives there. =^.^=
(Those characters are supposed to look like a cat face :-) for her sweet Maloo)
So I hope you all enjoy these quilts. The penguins have been shown before...forgot they were part of that exhibit and were a favorite.

A modern one!

Penguins :-)

I'm not sure but I think these last two were also from South Africa...didn't get a clear picture of the quilt label. Interesting couching and filled applique with the grasshopper and butterfly.  Of course, loved the rhino!

I'm not much of a traveler so it is wonderful that these quilts traveled to me :-)
Happy Monday to Cucki and Maloo and to all of you! I have a few more pictures to share later.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

more pictures...I hope!

Hopefully I will be able to get pictures of more of the PIQF 2013 show here and not have them rotate on me!

This is a gorgeous quilt and I thought I took a picture of the quilt artist's info but I can't find it. She also had another quilt in the show that also took a blue ribbon so I'm sure someone out there knows her name. If you send it to me, I will post it. She is deserving the attention she is getting with her quilts...beautiful work!
This is a favorite of mine for the picture of the turtles and also the wonderful border!

Blogger is making me crazy....I will try again another day for more pictures.
But I hope you enjoy these beautiful turtles :-)

I'm having a "day" here!

I was trying to write a new post to share more pictures but the pictures kept coming out sideways despite trying to edit them in their original copy. Blogger couldn't seem to let me post a new version and then...! I accidently deleted my last post. Argggh!  So I'm posting the pictures from the last post again and will try another post again to try and get the others shown. Oh my....

So here's my favorite.  Nancy Brown's "Pets"

O.K. I'm on to try again with the next post.

Friday, October 11, 2013

mailbox treats

When I participated in the Pets on Quilts blog hop, I won a prize from one of the sponsors. Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Florida sent me these fun novelty print fat quarters. I've 'seen' these puppies before and love them :-)
Thank you, Lynn!
Next in the mail came my copy of Fabled Fusions from Michelle May of Raspberry Rabbits! Fresh off the press, this book has some fun projects using cotton fabric, felts, thread and maybe some bling. And if the projects weren't cute enough....the names draw you in. These are a couple of my favorites.
Lord and Lady Bugs
The Scarborough Hares

Better photos can be found on Michelle's website of course but you have to get your own copy to get this :-)

Happy Friday everyone! It is less than a week till PQIF!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

quick finish

Just another Disappearing 9 patch for another new baby. The most exciting thing about this quilt is that I made the quilt top in less than 6 hours. I am not the speediest of quilters so I was rather pleased. The next day I quilted it rather quickly (with meandering circles) too. Wahoo!
The front...

And unfortunately without the flash...
the backing.

On to Christmas!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Soon to be released is Jennifer Chiaverini's twenty second novel, The Spymistress. I've read all her books starting with The Elm Creek series. I am now enjoying her latest works that are more specifically about the Civil War era which also includes Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker.
In all her books, she brings the characters to life in intriguing stories that show emotional frailties and growth, courage and creativity. In The Spymistress, she introduces us to the historic character, Elizabeth Van Lew who bravely "risked everything by caring for Union prisoners of war—and stealing Confederate secrets" (see Jennifer Chiaverini's website for more).
The story begins in Richmond, the state capitol of Virginia that is facing the shift of allegiance from the Lincoln White House to the Confederacy. "Lizzie" finds herself shocked by the changing views of those around her.  Division found even in her own family begins to reveal that she and those not agreeing with the change are becoming at risk. It sets the stage for her own courage and commitment to make history.
The reading is an enjoyable and thought provoking time of learning more about the early history in the United States and about the challenges met by the people of that time. It echoes in challenges that most of us are faced with at some time or another in dissonance found in life that calls for perceptiveness and decision.
Lizzie and her family, Eliza and the others are full personalities that tell a great story. Jennifer Chiaverini paints a complete and inviting picture that will draw you in quickly.
Links for where this great read can be found:
Amazon, IndieBound, and Barnes and Noble.




Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Quilt Finish

Another baby quilt completed. This is the one from a Bunny Hill design. I changed the applique designs using a free giraffe and elephant from Birch.
I fused the designs on with Misty Fuse that I bought awhile back from IHAN. This was my first time using it and found it perfect for this application. There is no stiffness from the product and it is well adhered. I thought long about how I wanted this to look and decided to just stitch a single line following the edge of the critters to applique them on.
Using the same elephant pattern and then a giraffe pattern from Bunny Hill, I made little stuffed animals filled with just poly-fill.
Next week is the baby shower for the new mama and I hope she likes them!

One more baby quilt on the list and then I'd better get started with Christmas!


Monday, September 9, 2013

it's almost Tuesday here

and since I almost forgot about the giveaway!
I thought I'd better get this post written and the recipient sent her book to read :-)
Barbara, I will be sending you an email for your snail address and will get this great read, Streak of Lightening in the mail to you. Congrats :-) and I hope you enjoy it!

I am still working on baby quilts here. The blue, white and grey one is a flimsy and is headed upstairs to be quilted. I did a different applique than was in the pattern but the rest is pretty much the same.
We probably have more hot days here ahead in California but I am getting excited about fall being just around the corner.  Great stitching weather :-)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A finish for Fall and a Giveaway

  Awhile back I was inspired by Anne at Cottons 'n Wool to order a back issue of Primitive Quilts and Project. In the Fall 2011 issue there is this quilt project that uses homespuns and wool. I finished this wall hanging earlier in the summer but finally got it on the wall today. It is actually two quilts...the background quilt is basically a frame for the smaller quilt that can be changed out for seasonal variety. Lisa Bongean is the designer and I believe she has other focus quilt designs to make for this. Crows and pumpkins are always a favorite with me.
Very fun to sew and I was able to use some of the delicious wool that I bought last year at PQIF (which is coming up again next month!).
I must say that I am really grateful for all the inspiration I find reading the quilters blogs. What an amazing community.
Also because of blogging, I have had the opportunity to review writings from some "quilty authors". I jumped at the chance to read an author that was new to me.
This is a new mystery written by Clare O'Donohue.  It is a short story or possibly a short novel that is available only as an e-book....except I don't have an e-reader so they were kind enough to send me a printed copy that now I can share with one of you:-)
Streak of Lightening is part of her Someday Quilts Mysteries.
"When Joe, the ill-tempered owner of Archer’s Rest’s only pizzeria, gets locked up overnight, it turns into a death sentence. Greg, Jesse’s most trusted deputy is accused of causing the death, and now his freedom is one the line. How will Nell, Jesse and the Someday Quilts ladies crack this inexplicable case?"
This was a fun read and I look forward to reading more of Clare's books...notably The Double Wedding Ring (a novel available at book stores, etc.)coming out at the end of this month.
So please leave me a comment (I love your comments :-)  and let me know if you would like to read this. I will select a winner next Tuesday. Please be sure you are not commenting as Anonymous or no-reply so that I can be sure to reply to your comment.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another baby quilt

...this time inspired by BunnyHill.
This pattern calls for the use of the Quilt in a Day specialty ruler...Small Flying Geese ruler. I'm leery ( had to look up the spelling for that word!)...anywho, I'm leery of specialty rulers sometimes but this one is actually pretty helpful. I've wondered about Open Gate's flying geese rulers and I don't know if they are the same technique or different but here's a bit about QIAD style.

First, I cut the needed squares.
Then marked and sewed them right sides together as directed.
Then sewed 1/4 inch from the marked line and then cut it down the middle.
And well...I forgot to take a picture of the next step. It results in half square triangles but they are not symmetrical. There is the triangle from the larger square on one side and the triangle from the smaller square making up the other half of it.
Taking the pressed open and (odd) two half square triangles, they are placed right sides together...but not where the seams would butt together. Rather it is where the pointy edges layer each other edge to edge...there's an odd little gap in the middle. Then another diagonal line is marked and sewn 1/4 inch from that line and cut down the middle.
Well, that was probably the most interesting step of the process and not the place to forget a photo...but here is what you get...

Two (only one is shown) of these odd shaped pieces to cut out the flying geese. The 2 original squares yield 4 flying geese. The scraps to the right are what I squared off with the final step of yielding the two geese from one piece.
The steps are clearly written in the instructions that come with the ruler. It seems to be a pretty clever way to make flying geese that come out accurate. I was impressed with the surface on the ruler that really kept it from sliding on fabric while trying to cut.

So all that to say...
I'm on my way :-)
Some of the fabric that I am using is from BunnyHill and some from Buggy Barn and one piece even from Robyn Pandolph. And even though it broke the bank purchasing it, I must say the quality is an absolute joy to sew with. It just feels wonderful!
I hope to find out about the Open Gate version someday but this was a nice technique to learn.
More later!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review of two lights

Awhile back I purchased a Bendable Bright Light for my Bernina and it has worked pretty well for me. I like being able to focus the light where I need towards my lap when I'm frogging stitches! or to the sewing bed when I'm putting those stitches back in :-)

So recently on Bonnie Hunter's blog, she showed someone using a small flashlight that was magnetized and placed on her Featherweight (note...a non computerized sewing machine). This looked pretty cool but it made me wonder about something more flexible. I ordered a Mighty Bright Light and placed it on my machine yesterday.

The Mighty Bright Light comes with a plastic mounting holder and adheres to your machine with padded adhesive...something like the command strips but not as easily removed. The light fixture itself can be easily placed or removed from the holder.

I put it on the side of my Featherweight...had to readjust because there was a plate screw in the way... and found a nice addition to the sewing light already there.
Since my Featherweight stores in its case and part of the machine bed folds up, I take off the light for storage. This light uses a small cord and comes with an extra mounting holder in case you want to use it on a different machine. Here it is...Off.....and On.
More light is a good thing!

Be sure to click the Pets On Parade left hand corner of my blog page...and visit the bloggers showing their pets on quilts :-)
Prizes are offered from sponsors to those visiting!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quilt Blessings

Joining in here for the 2013 Pets On Parade, mostly in the cat category this year!
I am happy to report that I have some really good help from the staff here. New fabric brought in is checked out thoroughly.

Instructions are read. Ideas 'tossed' around.


When inspection is passed, each step of the process is blessed.


Seen here in a rare photo op is proof that harmonious work habits can occur.

Mosley (of blog badge fame) is actually quite camera shy but Sabra here relaxes in the limelight!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my indulgence of showing off these beautiful 'helpers' of mine. Enjoy the Pets On Parade!
P.S. There are some wonderful sponsors for this parade and prizes are being offered to those visiting and commenting! You can click on the Pets On Parade left of this blog page and it will take you to LilyPad Quilting where all the blogger posts are linked.