Friday, March 27, 2009

book reading

Started reading my first Emilie Richards book a couple of nights ago. The Wedding Ring..starts with mother and daugther going to grandmother's house to clean it up after some serious hoarding. It's a good read...felt a little scary, I think though, because I spent the day cleaning and throwing things out of my sewing room! It already feels better though. So this is a good thing.

Came across some Minky scraps a friend had given me. I cut out 4 1/2 inch squares and had enough for a soft baby quilt and the backing too. Hah! Then I tried to sew blocks together...not even pins every 1/2" could keep these pieces even. I read some tips using something called Perfect Sew or using interfacing... but I chose to package it altogether with a nice label of what it is and I'm going to pass it on. Is this charity or trickery?
And the lovely feline in the photo is my manager, Marianne. She and Elinor came to us a couple of years ago. They both had silly names that they didn't respond to so I picked two favorites from Jane Austen characters and we have been happy ever since. Their personalities actually match the characters.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

something more

Something more to add today...the photo on my profile (at least for now) is of the quilt I made while doing an online Bible study of the Women of the Bible. There were 53 blocks offered. I didn't do all of them...skipped some of the wicked ones, or like Delilah..that history was so disturbing, I made one for Sampson's mother instead. But the study as a whole was life changing just because spending that much time learning from the reading and from the others in the group was enriching. Quilters are rich and generous with wisdom.

a humble beginning

I have enjoyed so many pictures and tips and just fun items of interest while reading other blogs from quilters. I am inspired to try and share from my own little world of quilting....partly to give back or pass forward anything that might be of interest to someone else and also to see if it inspires me as well by just seeing my own attempts documented.

This will be where I learn how to add pictures and music like I see on others pages. You all are so creative! Already I have figured out how to have a least to listen while I am on the computer..and maybe to eventually add to this blog if I figure that out.

So I'm starting with a picture of a cat since those have been some of my favorites on others pages. This is Elinor on my Gatsby quilt. I couldn't have paid her to do that for me...she was just generous.
more later, Loris