Tuesday, April 30, 2013

local quilt show

Seven Sisters Quilt Show was this past weekend here in San Luis Obispo, California. It was a gorgeous day and I really enjoyed the show. We have some talented quilters here. Lots of inspiration.
I'm sharing a few pictures though in my usual crooked unskilled photography style! Friends' quilts first... Darlene's Twist and Turn

Darlene's Bug Jar quilt with vinyl over the jars...very cute! and for a lucky grandchild.

Jan's "What's a Mother to do?"

Then just some favorites and quilts for inspiration. (not the best lighting!)


Ending here with a quilt from a challenge. This is a picture quilt of a local site, a cherished barn we see from the highway.

Monday, April 22, 2013

one new giveaway winner

I've been having a good time here with a friend that came to visit.
All but one of the giveaway winners have contacted me with mailing info....which I have not used yet :-/  Will get to mailing this week!
But I needed to select one new winner as I have not heard back from Judy. So I will be sending a book and pin to.... Mary of Quilt Hollow. 
Congrats to all of you and hope you enjoy these little treats!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Giveaway Winners

It's Tax Day,but no tax worries here! Only news of those receiving the gifts from Jennifer Chiaverini's publisher of The Giving Quilt.
I used a random number generator and came up with these winning quilters.
Joanne and Judy will each receive a copy of the book and the pin designed to go with it. Barbara W, JoEllen, Sandie, and Quiltgrammy will each receive one of the pins. I will send emails to the winners requesting mailing info but will need to hear back from you within the week or I will need to choose another recipient.
Thank you all for joining in this giveaway! I hope these quilters will enjoy their treats!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pressing matters

This is not a fascinating subject, but here it is :-)
Awhile back as I was sewing the church window blocks together, it dawned on me that I would need to start ironing them. Funny how my stitching slowed down...I enjoy hand stitching but with the odd shape block like this or diamonds, pressing the seam has been a bit daunting for me.
I learned to hand stitch watching a video by Linda Franz but despite her instructions, I have not felt like I "got it". Half way through this task though, a light bulb in my mind brightened a bit and I think I finally understood a bit of what she was saying. I don't think I would 'blame her' for how these seams look :-) but I think I'm improving.
The first pic shows some pressed and some wrinkly from being squashed in my hand while stitching.

The second pic shows my first way of doing it.

 Then this pic shows how I started swirling the intersections a bit. It's all about the construction of the seams and getting them to lie smooth, flat and with the least amount of fabric smashed in there. I never was able to do the spinning or swirling of the fabric very well but I think I'm doing better with it.
The process wasn't as tedious as I dreaded. It actually went pretty fast.
Of course...then I put on a thin inner border, put it on the intended table where it will be used, and realized it still needed another row of blocks!  Couldn't be happy without fixing it so a bit of unstitching occurred and a new row was added. I'm back to adding the borders again and will get it ready for quilting.
Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes! We will be headed this week to celebrate with some sushi, a trip to my favorite quilt store, and to the DMV...they want to see me in person this year. I think tomorrow will be a good day to announce the giveaway winners. If you haven't commented yet for a chance to win The Giving Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini or one of the art pins, please check out the April 4th post and leave a comment there. It's a lovely book to read! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

sharing a favorite tutorial and another Giveaway reminder

It's not easy to pick just one. I loved watching Bonnie Hunter "debone" a shirt.
and I've been tempted to make a rug after watching Aunt Philly with her toothbrush tool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1JAuUWgYt4
But this week, I have been following Christa's Quilt Along and enjoying making these X blocks for my Hugs and Kisses quilt.

I am happily making progress and linking this post here for the Hands 2 Help quilt challenge. Click the button on the sidebar for more information about the quilts we are making or click here to check out others involved in the challenge.
If you are new to my blog, please stay awhile and sign up for the giveaway announced in this post. http://luckypupquilter.blogspot.com/2013/04/giveaway.html
 I have two copies of The Giving Quilt and 9 artfully designed pins to give away to readers. Jennifer Chiaverini's books are great reads. This one is a good place to start to meet up with some interesting quilters. Just leave a comment on that post for a chance to win. I'm hoping for lots of visitors!
Thank you so much for stopping by today. Hope you liked the "movies"!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mailbox fun and Giveaway Reminder

A big box of plaids showed up on my doorstep yesterday flying in all the way from Texas! Julie of JuileKQuilts sent this huge variety of my favorite fabric, PLAID. This is quilter sharing at its best!

My mind started spinning of the possibilities but I knew my first spot for inspiration would have to be in one of Bonnie Hunter's books. These two are the top of the list of a quilt to start. I've been wanting to make the Plaid Bargello (the only bargello I've ever been tempted to make!) but The Fair and Square looks wonderful and perfect for these lovelies!

It will be great fun to plan. In the meantime, I finished the applique on my wool wall hanging and will set to quilting it this next week.  I'm also busy making more X blocks...I'm up to 14 and think I will make 10 more before running out of the fabric.  I also finished combining all the rows of my church windows quilt and will now need to iron and trim the edges before applying the borders. I think this picture shows when I was halfway done.

So a big Thank You to Julie :-)
and a reminder to the everyone else that the Giveaway for The Giving Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini is going on for another couple of weeks at my last post,
http://luckypupquilter.blogspot.com/2013/04/giveaway.html  Make sure to leave a comment there for a chance to win a really good read!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This giveaway is now closed.
To celebrate The Giving Quilt coming out in paperback, I was sent two copies of the book to giveaway here to blog readers :-)  I also have artfully designed pins to go along with this book and two of Jennifer Chiaverini's earlier books, Sonoma Rose and The Wedding Quilt.
I have loved the Elm Creek series and The Giving Quilt was one of my favorites. I reviewed this book last fall when it first came out so you can read more about it here.
To win a copy there are no special tasks to complete, just leave a comment for me here of your interest and I will choose a name from the list.  There are a few other bloggers with giveaways in progress for this book so I'm going to leave this open a bit longer...like for 2 weeks when I'll be enjoying a birthday :-)  That way if you didn't win a copy from them, you might win here!
Please tell your blogging friends. I would love to see lots of names here of interested readers.