Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm a little bit crazy

and it shows up in my sewing room. I'm really still about 8 years old even though I've lived about 5 more decades since. I like to 'keep' little treasures and keep them out where I can look at them all the time. These treasures must include the cats and dogs in my life. So I have dog beds in just about every room and in my sewing room alone, I have at least 5 cat beds (for just 2 cats).

I have 2 Krinkle sacs that I'm trying to entice the cats to crawl in. No success yet but at least they aren't running from them anymore...I thought cats loved these things! I must just believe the advertising.

More to the point of a blog about quilting though...the picture on the left shows the left end top of my cutting table. I have plastic boxes with projects waiting to be done. Some of these have been waiting awhile. One box has leftover fabric from a quilt already completed....need to decide if it should go into general scraps or be used in yet another quilt by itself.
Another box had this Lone Star pattern which I have now pulled out to start. It is supposed to be an easy way to sew this but it looks a bit daunting. Fortunately, there is a note to check the website for a tutorial.

even better, Elinor has come to help :-)


  1. You sound just like me, I have many places for my pets to sleep, but they love quilts the best. My sewing area is maybe even messier than yours right now, I might even have to straighten it up soon so I can get a project

  2. That cutting area doesn't look too bad! And what would sewing room be without cats...btw my cats never did crawl in the crinkly thing my dh bought for them - they prefer the paper bags from the grocery store! So now, even though I bring my own bags, I have to get one paperbag each trip for the cats!

  3. Oh you are braver than I am when it comes to the Lone Star. Good luck.

  4. It looks good to me! I think me are all children in a way together...looking for fun, and quilting is sure fun!


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