Monday, January 24, 2011


This is my 100th post and I've been planning a giveaway...but I haven't completed the little projects involved and so it will have be delayed for possibly a 101st giveaway. Stay tuned. It involves fruit and vegetables and fun :-)
Now to the neighbors...on Christmas Day we walked the dogs by our friends house to deliver a gift. We found that their frig had up and died that morning and offered space in ours till they could get another one working for them.  When they were up and running again with a new one, they came for their food and brought this beautiful wall hanging that Darlene (no blog) made.  She uses her Bernina for amazing embroidery work and makes wonderful quilts showing the designs. I enjoyed it for an extended Christmas and will find a place to hang it next Christmas.

The neighborhood excitement today is across the street where a new house is being built. We thought the roof was going to be the curved spanish looking tiles (?) but a huge truck just pulled up with what looks like slate (flat) tiles. We like this look so we are eager to see what goes on :-)
The girls are interested too.

So I'm off to stitch for a bit. Hope you are enjoying your day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

quilt for mom

I purchased a kit of fabrics at our local quilt show a couple of years ago and finally was able to complete it over the past months. It will look good on my mom's bed. Marianne was kind enough to bless it for me after quilting while I prepared the binding.
The fabric is predominantly Robyn Pandolph from her Sumptuous Living line.  They are beautiful florals but they raveled so much during sewing that I was afraid I was going to lose my seam allowance!  I also had some 'pattern' issues.  Since I was making the quilt bigger than the pattern I was using, I wanted to check out how many blocks I should make for it. I have some early EQ software that came with my Bernina embroidery software. So I entered the measurements and calculated how many blocks I needed.  Unfortunately, the calculations were way off and I made the quilt body way too big.  I had to subtract one planned inner border and cut the main border size in half just to keep this quilt at a reasonable size for the queen size bed that my mom has.  I had my friend, Rana, enter the numbers on her EQ7 and came out with the correct calculations.  I was not happy with the error but I know now not to trust my current software and well, Mom still loves the quilt, so all is good.

Quilting pattern is called Feathered Curls.
I had purchased extra fabric and have quite enough left over to make some smaller quilts for more spring to share in other homes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Psalms block #19

The block for Psalm 32 is called "Hiding Place".  Not the most thrilling block but I love this verse from the scripture. "You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance" Ps. 32:7
It is a beautiful day here in Cambria, with skies clearing from storm clouds and the sun shining brightly. Today is my mom's 89th birthday ...and though her new bed quilt is still on the quilt frame!   ...we are celebrating with a little lunch at her house with her 2 neighbor friends that meet with her every day for prayer and devotion. The wonderful friends that love her reflect the blessed richness of her own soul. Happy Birthday, Mom!