Monday, January 24, 2011


This is my 100th post and I've been planning a giveaway...but I haven't completed the little projects involved and so it will have be delayed for possibly a 101st giveaway. Stay tuned. It involves fruit and vegetables and fun :-)
Now to the neighbors...on Christmas Day we walked the dogs by our friends house to deliver a gift. We found that their frig had up and died that morning and offered space in ours till they could get another one working for them.  When they were up and running again with a new one, they came for their food and brought this beautiful wall hanging that Darlene (no blog) made.  She uses her Bernina for amazing embroidery work and makes wonderful quilts showing the designs. I enjoyed it for an extended Christmas and will find a place to hang it next Christmas.

The neighborhood excitement today is across the street where a new house is being built. We thought the roof was going to be the curved spanish looking tiles (?) but a huge truck just pulled up with what looks like slate (flat) tiles. We like this look so we are eager to see what goes on :-)
The girls are interested too.

So I'm off to stitch for a bit. Hope you are enjoying your day!


  1. How nice of you and how nice of your neighbor. It is so nice when neighbors can help each other.

  2. Too funny! Not 10 minutes ago I was looking at my refrigerator - the seal around it is not working very well. Do I replace it or replace the whole refrigerator? Have you noticed how blog land seems to have trends? Last week it was Spring clean in January, is this week broken refrigerators? hehehe

    Cute wallhanging, I can see why you extended Christmas.

  3. How nice of your neighbor to stitch that for you. All of my neighbors bring goodies of various kinds to us during the holidays...and we do the same...I hear of so many neighbors where people don't even know each other. That looks like a big house going in across from you!

  4. It is beautiful. Sounds like you have the ideal neighbor!

  5. Both you and your neighbor are so kind! What a great Christmas treat :) Enjoy watching the construction. When our neighborhood was new, we enjoyed watching the houses go up. My boys especially liked watching the trucks!

  6. Love that wreath quilt!! What a wonderful, lots of constuction going on!!

  7. I'm slow in commenting here. Life has been buzy. Congratulations on your 100th post. I've so loved reading about you and your life up there! Much love!


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