Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back from Tucson

I enjoyed safe travel and was treated like a Princess :-) while visiting with two friends and an adorable Brittany named Lizzi. We visited a quilt shop in Green Valley..Heart and Hand...where I found some tiny scissors allowed on airplanes and also some black fabric to use in the dog quilt I making.  We also enjoyed delightful pedicures and a beautiful hike up into the Santa Rita mountains where we put those same pampered feet to good use. The weather was perfect!
Lizzi, the lizard hunter.

This view overlooks Tucson.

My Lead Hikers :-)

View of Mt Wrightson which is at a 9453 ft elevation.

We hiked from the 5500 ft level to the 7080 ft Saddle and went about 6.5 miles.
No blisters for me in my Nikes but I slipped and slid the whole way. Note: proper hiking boots are apparently a needed safety item!

More challenges with the canines made it hard to leave home but my DH did a wonderful job helping everyone back to health and comfort. I came home to happier dogs.
While traveling, I enjoyed stitching on my Blackbird Sings embroidery. The last couple of days I finished putting the borders on the dog quilt and making the backing for it. It is loaded on the longarm where I hope to start quilting it today.
quilt pics next week :-)


  1. Beautiful pics and glad you enjoyed Tucson and safe travels to get there. I made a quick trip to Tucson last Thursday as well.

  2. Glad you did not hurt yourself. I bought a pair of hiking boots last year. I wear them all the time when I am working outside and in the garden. They really help keep my ankles from twisting.
    What a neat looking place.

  3. Glad you had a good time and came home to healthy happy dogs! We are leaving for Phoenix at the end of the week for a week of baseball!Have a great day!!

  4. Love the photos! Last year worked with a turtle count project and one of the professors had Brittany's that were trained to sniff out the turtles...very cool!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful and rejuvinating trip. Hiking boots, huh? Who would've thunk it? *s*

  6. Oh look at that sunshine - looks like a wonderful trip, I'm enjoying your pics! Yes, hiking boots would be a good thing to have.


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