Tuesday, May 1, 2012

new blogger and quilt show

This is my first time posting with the new format so I'll just have to see how this goes. Elinor is sitting in my lap, 'helping me'.
The local Seven Sister's Quilt Show was this past weekend and I have a few photos to share of quilts I enjoyed.
First of course, a turtle. Really lovely!
 This one was a favorite partly because of the lime green border.
 Loved this country road of mailboxes.
 Nice selection of colors and applique in this one.
 This may have been my favorite in the show. The smaller blocks in borders around the center and the big stitch quilting.

 My friend won a ribbon! This is gorgeous with wonderful quilting.

I have some quilts of my own completed but need to coordinate with my quilt holder to get pictures of them. So more later...


  1. Great quilts! Love how the Irish chain quilt crossed the vines in the corners...

  2. What a great show, love that turtle!!!

  3. those are some awesome quilts. thanks for sharing.

  4. The mailbox scene is a wonderful piece. A creative mind made that one. Not something I would dream up but wish I could.


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