Monday, December 10, 2012

quick post

Not much time for sewing around here as my mom fell again about a month ago and broke her hip....almost to the day of when she fell and broke her wrist last year. She is 90 years old but is amazing in her determination to recover and be strong again. God has protected her through complications and she will be out gardening again...with some help.

I stitched little wool snowman ornaments while sitting with her in the hospital and rehab. The pattern is free from All People Quilt. Then I stitched up some quick mug rugs when siblings came to help with her at home. The mug rugs are patterns from Quilt Doodle.
Helping Mom will keep me busy from here on out but hopefully there will still be time to sew a I stay pleasant :-)
Hope to get some of these in the mail today.
Merry Christmas to you all. I hope this season you are filled with God's love and peace.  



  1. Recovery from a hip is tough but I'm sure she will do ok. Nice little stitching projects! I think I printed out that ornament pattern too...only I haven't made on yet!

  2. I'm wishing your mom a quick recovery from that nasty fall. It's good to see you still found some time to play.

  3. So sorry to read about your Mom's fall. Hope her recovery is smooth and uneventful. My DFIL just had to go back in for his knee replacement as his kneecap moved during rehab and had to be re-done. So hard this time of year. Your ornaments and rugs are adorable!

  4. Sending hugs to your mom that she get's better soon. Love your little snowmen ornaments. Very sweet.

  5. Get well wishes for your mom.... I hope that she's better very soon. I spent this summer caring for my parents, I got a lot of embroidery done. Your mug rugs turned out lovely! It makes me smile from ear to ear when I see my patterns made up by other quilters. Thank you for sharing :) Happy Holidays, Cindy

  6. Snowman heaven!
    Sorry to hear about your mom falling. That happens so easily with older people.


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