Friday, March 22, 2013

church windows progress


I am using this template to cut out 2 pieces from a charm pack...Sandhill Plums by Kansas Troubles. DH helped me by tracing the seam line on each piece :-)
Then I machine stitched the pieces to dot. Then I hand pieced the rows together. 15 rows needed for my tablecloth. I'm stitching the last 4 rows on.

While waiting for DH to catch up with marking the pieces, I was inspired to make a wool wall hanging found in 2011 Primitive Quilts magazine.
Elinor really liked the idea!

The background quilt is a frame where smaller quilts can be displayed. Seasonal quilts that can be switched out during the year. The crow and pumpkin are a favorite place for me to start.

We have a good number of crows around here...but also some other beautiful birds like Edie here...we see lots of egrets.

And a few Heron. This one decided to fly into someone's fenced yard. Good thing the german shepherd who lives there wasn't home!


Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll come back next week for a 2 book giveaway!


  1. Wow it is looking so beautiful..
    Love for you ...
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. looking good so far. love the crow quilt so far. I remember that pattern and it is one I like. One day.

  3. Elinor looks just like my sons cat Zeplin. Love those yellow eyes.


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