Monday, November 18, 2013

purchases from PIQF

I forgot to show the loot I found at PIQF. I searched the place for homespuns and only found a little bit. Attic Heirloom and The Rusty Crow are the ones that came through for me  :-)
Attic Heirlooms also provided the some of the best wool along with that gorgeous light green from Reet's Rags to Stitches!
We also shopped for some batiks for a bag for my sister. There was a lot of gorgeous batiks at the show...sorry I can't remember which vendor we purchased this from.
I'm working on a Bonnie Hunter "Blue Ridge Beauty" here this week. I'm hoping to be quick about it so I can give it to a friend.
In the meantime, Blog Hop Party is coming up this week. Check back Thursday for a giveaway :-) 

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