Thursday, January 30, 2014

Well, it has been awhile...
I have not been sewing since I last posted. I kind of fell off the Christmas train and just was too distracted to get back to any projects. We were however blessed with a new family member that brought comfort, a lot of exercise and fun. From the same rescue group where we found Mosley and also Sabra, we were able to adopt a youngster named Luke.  Meet Luke :-)

This is from the day we first met him...with that big red bear that he loves.
Sabra (front corner) thought he was fun till he got in the car with her. She wasn't that thrilled with him for a few days but now she loves him too.

So I have an extra day off this week and hope to get back to my beloved sewing machine. I'm embroidering some labels for cloth sheets we are using at work to help us move patients up in bed without hurting our backs so much. And I have my blue buckeye quilt blocks still sitting where I left them back in November!
Thank you for all the sweet comments and thoughts for our loss of Mosley last month. He was such a beautiful rascal. We miss him a lot and are so grateful for the years we had with him. He taught us a lot!


  1. You've been on my mind. I just sent you a real sweet video.

  2. Handsome boy! Glad your can pretend with me that we never left. ;o)

  3. Luke is precious! Oh you are so dear to my heart that you adopt these precious babies! :) :) :) Smiling big!
    Love that quilt too!

  4. So sorry to read about Mosley but it is nice to meet Luke.
    Nice blocks!


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