Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Finishes

A gift, a charity quilt and one for me.

Off kilter and blowing in the breeze, this quilt is for a friend's son who is graduating from high school. I used a Bali Crackers set of Hoffman's Sparrow...which I got from Fat Quarter Shop at a really good sale price. A sale price which led me to buy 4 packs which means I have more of these quilts to make...or something very similar at least.
This second quilt is the completely scrappy quilt for Hands2Help. Two inch squares that I was sewing together into 4 patches and ran out of time to do anything new. So out came some blue fabric and a scrappy border.
Tulips for the backing.
I have gotten away from free handing quilting and using mostly pantographs. I'm getting a little tired of looking at the pattern and not the quilt while I'm sewing. So with this quilt I did kind of meander feather pattern which was pretty fun.
I will be sending this quilt and the flannel rag quilt for Hands2Help.
I'm linking to Sarah's blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and you can see all the quilts going to their chosen charity. Mine are going to Emily of Em's Scrapbag to be given to patients undergoing chemo.

My third finish is made of some Janet Clare fabric I love called More Hearty Wishes. Whales were my draw here :-)  I lucked upon a layer cake of the fabric from one of Missouri Star Quilts Daily Deals.
Here's the backing showing my upside down clamshell quilting. The backing is my favorite in the collection.
So that's my quilting in May. So far June has been carpet cleaning and window washing. It can only get better from here :-)


  1. I especially love the little 2-inch squares quilt. I just love scrappy!

  2. Ahh, here are the three finishes! They all look great but I love the blue hopscotch for hands 2 help best!

  3. Love your H2H finishes, and the others aren't bad either! I'm working on a
    More Hearty Good Wishes quilt myself....


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