Saturday, January 9, 2016


Happy New Year y'all! I'm late. I know it. But I have been kind of cocooned up in my house (and neighborhood) the last week enjoying quieter times and some very needed rain. And hopefully more of that today.
I have been stitching :-)  I don't have pictures yet of the last two but will soon as the weather permits an outdoor setting. Today I have the quilt gift I made for my sister. New layer cake, repeat use of pattern by A Quilter's Dream.

This is another Hoffman Bali Cracker set (10"squares) called Sandpiper. I quilted Chocolate Swirl Feather with Superior Threads Rainbows.

On the receiving end :-)
I won a giveaway of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks which included a book I was wishing for called Sweet Tweets. It has some cute patterns of little fat birds with outline quilting.  AND  I also won a giveaway on Instagram :-)
I follow Janet Clare's account and won a copy of her Field Guide book.  I love her fabric and wonderful applique designs. She is currently working on some pieced designs that look mighty interesting.
Thank you Quiltmaker and Janet Clare  :-)

And just for fun :-)  here's a picture of a skirt I found here in our little town of Cambria. It took an octupus to get me to wear a skirt!
That's sweet Sabra helping me model. 

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  1. Congrats for winning the giveaway ....
    Sending you big hugs X


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