Friday, April 14, 2017

Hands2Help 2017 Check-in

I had some fun sewing a bit this past month and so I have some pictures to show for it. The Supernova was pieced and sewn together...not without some unstitching as I managed to turn or just lay the blocks out wrong. Arggggh! Even found one in the very last corner after quilting most of it! I was able to pull it off the longarm and fix it without really much trouble though so all is good now. It amazes me how I can miss those things!
Choosing to play with rulers again, I ended up with a not very exciting design but one that was good still for practice and looked alright after all. 

After starting to sew the binding on, I was interrupted and came back to the machine to find this...
I waited a few minutes for the quilt blessing in progress.

But apparently it was going to take awhile. Then additional help arrived.

This wasn't appreciated but instead of arguing...Elinor just turned her back.
I wasn't getting anywhere fast but eventually the binding was sewn on.
More later :-)


  1. Ha! Quilt inspectors...they are pretty cute babies! I like the pattern you chose...clean and lovely!

  2. Why wouldn't Elinor take possession of quilt? Her eyes match the back of the quilt perfectly. ;o)

    Did you mark your lines first? The quilting looks great.

  3. i like the pattern you choose :)
    they are super sweet babies..kisses for them
    love and smiles xxx

  4. "Blessing in progress..." made me laugh! Yes, they do need to inspect and approve every quilt!

  5. Don't they saw something like "many hands (or paws) make for light work"????? Hmmmm.

    The quilting looks great. What a nightmare it must have been to have to remove it from the longarm to repair it and then finish it off.

  6. One foot in front of the other and soon a quilt is complete!

  7. The quilting design looks exciting to me!

  8. I'm sure your little helpers thought you left that quilt there for them--so cute!!


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