Saturday, June 20, 2009

doggin' it

Looking at this video, one might assume we are successful at getting Mosley to get a little extra exercise using a Dog Trotter....however, we can only get him to move ever so briefly when trying to reach for the cookie. It apparently needs a motor. :-(

Oh well, I'm going back to stitching and either start the placemats I need for a gift or finish the binding on a Schnibbles quilt (as seen in left corner of video). Guaranteed success there.

Update just in!...we called the 'company' and they suggested putting the front of this contraption on wood blocks to raise it up a bit. AND it worked! Mosley was trotting away at 2.8miles per hour and very proud. Now why would we want this in the first place? We adopted Mosley last November. He is almost 8 yrs old and has some behaviour issues that I felt would be partly helped by more exercise. I walk the dogs 4 days a week for about 1.5 hours but can't do it on the days I work. Dear Husband, as sweet as he is, is not able to take them for walks but came up with this idea as a way to help them when I'm not home. This is such a huge relief. Returning this item was going to be a huge shipping challenge!

This week, we also had a long awaited consult from a trainer who has done some work with The Dog Whisperer. I've watched the shows but knew there was so much I just 'wasn't getting' and boy was I right. She helped us so much in such a short time. After owning dogs for 30 some years, I may actually become a calm, assertive pack leader :-) Thank you Cheri Lucas!

I rewarded Mosley for his efforts with a walk out in the real world with his sisters. What wonderful creatures :-)

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