Sunday, June 7, 2009

Desert Retreat

I traveled to southern California to the desert this week to stay at La Quinta Resort for a few days for a medical conference. The trip was paid for by the physician's group at our ER as a reward for a few nurses that had done the most patient follow up calls. I was thrilled to be 'caught' doing my job well.
A friend from Tucson drove there to stay with me. The resort is nestled right up to the base of the Santa Rosa mountains. My camera and skills don't quite show the grandeur of these mountains but they were almost the best part of being there. The temperature was actually not as high as usual for this time of year which was a particular 'God send' perhaps just for me :-) It was a blissful 85 degrees on Friday with just a gentle breeze.
The first pictures show the mountains behind the resort and this lovely manmade stream over river rock that I enjoyed.

The next photos are of the courtyard in front of our room,
the lovely Spa where I indulged in the best pedicure of my life! and a massage.

And then these lovely flowers.
Diamonds of flowers....which gives a hint of what kind of sewing I was doing while on retreat. more later,


  1. I am sure you deserved this wonderful trip if you are working in the medical field. Enjoy

  2. What a wonderful place! We are headed out to California next week but I don't think the golf course resorts will be as nice as this one!

  3. Loris...Lucky you! I stayed at La Quinta Tennis and Golf resort twice and it IS certainly an experience to remember! Glad you had a great time...! Hugs, Elaine in SLO, Ca

  4. I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful getaway. How thoughtful to be recognized for doing your job so well. And what a wonderful nurse you are (and quilter).



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