Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 favorites

This is an Olfa ruler 6" x 24" that advertised being slip resistant. I have been using Invisigrip on the back of my rulers to prevent slipping, but I find this ruler works better. I purchased it last week at Beverly's with a 40% off coupon and am quite happy with it. My old Fiskar rulers that were my favorites had lost the markings as I hadn't put Invisigrip on soon enough. :-(

The markings on the Olfa don't seem as vulnerable. Time will tell.

Marianne is helping show my other favorite. My reordered Organic English Breakfast tea came yesterday from Donnalynn with Sensibiliteas. She really knows tea! Donnalynn shares lots of information about where the teas come from and the differences, etc. I learned that I'm taste specific to teas more from Ceylon than from China. She keeps me happy with delicious flavor :-)

Donnalynn also knows quilts and helps with the MQX quilt show in the spring....well, April, not always "springy" in New Hampshire.


  1. I miss my old standby brand of tea - Yorkshire Decafe! I need to remind my DH to pick some up on his next trip back to England!

  2. That ruler looks great!!!

    I love the cat! My cats are always interested in being the centre of attention too!

    Thank you for visting my blog!


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