Sunday, July 12, 2009

too tired to think

Work was simply too much to take today. So to turn my mind to things that are more fun...I have my photos of the first and latest quilts. :-)

This first beauty was actually the brainstorm of my freshman college roommate and I. Why be like everyone else, we'll buy fabric and sew it together and make coordinating bedspreads. No instruction, no pattern....can you tell it is 1970? Orange was my favorite color for years...till we 'learned what season' we were...I'm a 'winter' (remember that?) doesn't include orange. And as of 2006...I'm still in a lime green phase....I just don't wear it.
We never actually finished the bedspreads. My granny finally folded the thing over a really thick batt and tied it for me. I am so glad she finished it for me. What an sweet memory.
It occurred to me though that maybe I could show the first quilt I made when I was actually learning from someone who knew how... This lovely Debbie Mumm Noah's Ark quilt was made in 1994(?) on my brand new Bernina. Capistrano Sew and Vac's Steve paid for my first quilt class for the purchase of my most beloved 1090S. That class was an awesome gift!
So my latest finished quilt was actually the Imagine quilt shown in a previous post. Almost finished are these gol' dern placemats that are taking forever to make. I'm quilting 'chicken wire' and I'm going to bring the backing around to the front for binding....really hoping that works.


  1. Hiya:) Want to take a rest and come to a fun weekend here? Check out my blog, Ronda Beyer is our first teacher! Dont work too hard!

  2. I've done the back to front for works fine. Lot of vintage quilts from the south are done that way.

  3. OMG! I used the very same Noah's Ark fabric in the second quilt I ever made. Interesting that it came out sometime closer to 1994. I bought the fabric in 2000 in the neatest quilt store I've ever been to in upstate NY. They had 11,000 bolts which explains the age...That quilt hangs on the wall in my guest bedroom.

  4. Cute first quilt! I love that paisley print. I wonder if your roommate still has her quilt top?

    The placemats are adorable. That's a really good pattern to use for a novelty print. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  5. That is so cool that you have your first quilt from the 70's. The one from the 90' is great and I see those chickens in your table runner. My grandmother was a quilter and she bound all her quilts the way you are going to do your table runner.


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