Monday, August 10, 2009

new luckypup in the family

My mom wanted a little dog and the local animal shelter just happened to have just gotten in a pure bred Pomeranian. So Ruby, 8 years old, came to live with her today. She was not spade yet and thus had to have surgery this morning. She is still recovering from the anesthesia and decided under the bed was the best place to do that. She's probably right because we are going to have a hard time not petting her :-)
Ruby is awfully cute. It seems like so much for her to go through in such a short time...move to the pound, meet potential owners, wait over the long weekend, have surgery and then move to a new home....but that's how they do it with county animal control. At least she will have a quiet, safe place to start over.


  1. I'm sure little Ruby is awfully confused right nice to think she has a good home when she does come out from under the bed!

  2. we have a black pom that would love to spend time with the new luckypup. But ours is so hyper its overwhelming...not to mention all the black balls of fur all over the carpet and couches and chairs and every surface. Couldn't ask for a better loving friend though...he loves like no other pet we have ever had...and thinks he is a guard dog and a cat. And we ain't telling him otherwise. Times are never dull over here!

  3. Thank you for adopting Ruby and for sharing your story. She seems to be a perfect fit for your loving home.

    My Grandmother always had Pomeranians. They were protective & loving. I can't imagine the hardship of the family that gave up Ruby, after 8 years, but I'm so happy to know she is now in your loving home.

    Best wishes,


  4. What a sweetheart she looks like! She's lucky to have found you!


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