Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a visit to the lighthouse and a visit to see Ruby

On the coast north of San Simeon is a lighthouse named after these rocks...Piedras Blancas. We toured today and learned about the history, the native vegetation and some of the marine wildlife that frequent the area.
The top of the lighthouse was damaged in an earthquake and removed in 1948. There are plans of restoring it but in the meantime, it still has a working light fixture. No fog horn though.

I thought some of the architecture was interesting. The window is actually on another building which houses machinery which I can't remember does what!
The rocks have a large number of sea lions resting on them.

And the next pic has a favorite beach for some Elephant Seals. You can see the sand bathers in the upper left corner and two sparring males in the water towards the middle of the scene.

After touring, we went for lunch at Sebastian's in San Simeon. And then we went to see Ruby :-)
All perked up and settling into her new home.


  1. Ruby looks like she feels much better. Thanks for the tour of San Simeon. I used to live in CA and sure do miss it, sometimes.

  2. Such a neat looking lighthouse. Very different from the ones I posted on my blog. I like the architecture of it. Looks like Ruby is feeling much better and is a very happy dog.

  3. I love this post! I hope to see a lighthouse this autumn, when we go on a small vacation. The one you showed is just so picturesque.

  4. oh wow...what a great lighthouse....I am crazy
    ga-ga over lighthouses!!! I sure like your 'chicken' placemats you made too...neat!!!

  5. I'm so glad Ruby is safe in a loving home. Thanks so much for rescuing her!

  6. Great photos! The California coastline is just beautiful. I used to live in Thousand Oaks and there was a Loris in my Guild. Did you ever live there, at "Hidden Canyon"? Louise


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