Thursday, September 3, 2009

quick note re: whereabouts

Last month I studied this book to take the exam for Trauma Nurse Certification last week. Intense course but I did well and learned alot.
This month I study this huge book and take another exam sometime early October. Hope to learn alot more. After working in ICU most of my career, I have now been working in the Emergency Department for a little under 2 years. So I'm hoping to put what I've learned together and add to it.

Yesterday after a hair appointment, I was able to stop at our tiny LQS to visit with the owner and brought home these. The sewing tin is a gift for a friend and the book is for me :-) I love scrappy quilts and hope to plan for some of these. Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts has designed some lovely ideas for quilts.
When I can fit it in though, this will be this months project for the first great grandbaby girl in my family. Don't know her name yet but she is inspiring me to try a scalloped edge. I read Kaaren's blog and first got the idea from her love for 'scalloping'. I have received several from a friend who has a special template for making whatever size I need and some from the ladies at Quilter's Cupboard where I shopped for the fabric. They helped with color choices for the border and binding and recommended sewing the edge of the scalloped edge before I cut it...actually now that I think about it...she said to actually sew the binding on before I cut it as well. The sewn edge was to hold the fabric together and actually give me a line to follow for a 1/4"seam. I'll have to re-read this note before I tackle this challenge because it is going to be a few weeks before I can do it...I will surely forget! Note to instructions :-)


  1. Good luck with all the'll do great!

  2. That is a lot of studying. Good luck.
    Love the fabrics in your quilt.

  3. I know just what you are going through...I am studying for CCRN right now. I have TNCC, but it is lapsed...You will do great girl! Love your book, seems like there would be some great projects for my jelly rolls in there.

  4. I just love the pink quilt! Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Good luck with the scallops too!


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