Saturday, December 19, 2009


Still a bit 'out of whack' here with quilting and blogging...but have hopes for better focus in the new year. Here are a few pics of crafty/sewing things I managed to sneak in during the past month. First is some fabric stuffed candy canes that I will stiffen and antique for soon as I finish stuffing the other ones. This idea is from Carrie and Rosie at Miss Rosie's Quilt Co

The next photo will hopefully not make you seasick looking at the awkward angle but it is simply a table cloth quilt with Debbie Mumm's Noah Noel fabric. I can't even remember how long ago that I bought it but it made me feel happy to pull out something that I could quilt quickly to count as finished. It is a good thing to go shopping in one's own cupboards!

And the last picture is of Mr Mosley sitting by the table topper I made from long ago purchased Woodland Santas...also by Debbie Mumm.

This season feels better to me than past as I got an early Christmas present from my boss telling me I can go to part time in the New Year. I am thrilled...more time to recover from those 14 hours days! More energy for family and fun things! I am blessed and grateful.
Following that good news the season got even better with a visit from my friend from the north who came and walked dogs in the rain with me, baked cookies, read by the fire and even stitched some (her first quilty project!). It was an absolutely wonderful visit. Thank you Tonya!
Thank you all as well for checking in on my blogging start this year. It is kind of fun seeing my projects and notes posted 'on the screen'. I have really enjoyed seeing so many ideas and wonderful thoughts shared by other quilters through the blogging world. I pray that you all know God's Peace and Joy this season and on into the new year.


  1. I made those candy canes too. I love the fabric you used. Did you add Stiffy? Your pictures are fine. Keep on blogging. Blogland is a fun place to be.

  2. Looks like you have lots of quilt-y things ready for Christmas! Hooray on the reduction in hours so you get to enjoy life a bit!

  3. Loris, praying the same for you.
    How very nice that you got to spend time with Tonya. Always great to hang out with friends.
    14 hour days, ugh! I know you will be more relaxed with the fewer hours. Enjoy.
    Have a Blessed Christmas!

  4. Hope that you had a fun Christmas with your new Grandbaby and the family too.

  5. Love those candycanes!! And I am so glad for your new part time status...good for you!

  6. Congrats! Wow, another nurse quilter. JulieQ helped me find your blog. I am NICU nurse at Johns Hopkins and a quilter. Glad to meet more quilting nurses. This is a great idea! Stephanie


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