Tuesday, January 5, 2010

some computer learning and blocks

New baby scheduled for a friend next month and I'm using up leftover blocks from the last baby quilt to make one for her. In trying to balance out the dark and the similar, I use my camera as a 'design wall'. In the camera software(on the computer) I finally figured out how to put the pictures side by side to compare and see which order I liked best. I think I'm going with the one on the left.
Next I want to learn how to attach the 'button' for Bunny Tales new block of the month. I've got the picture but want it to be a live button so readers can check out her site. Any hints?
And for work...I'm hoping to learn PowerPoint for a presentation I need to do soon. Busy year of learning already!
well, wahoo! I just figured out that 'button' thing. Check out Bunny Tales


  1. Sweet little baby quilt. We've missed you out here in blogland! Got your new year wishes. Things are looking up here! Hope this is a blessed you for you and your family too!


  2. Thanks for the button Lois! I too use a camera when I'm designing. I can always tell what's wrong from the photo. So smart!

  3. How smart are you?! Love the baby quilt!


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