Wednesday, March 3, 2010

messing with blog pictures

Yesterday I added Picasa to my tool box and set up a quilt album slideshow to play on my blog. It is best at the bottom of the page because of the narrow width on the side of my blog template. Would love for you to check it out :-)

I've been busy sewing and have some partially done projects but today I want to show a couple of sweatshirts that I appliqued for my mom. She is so tiny that I wished I had made the dog smaller but it looks cute on her anyway. She is always cold even when working away in her garden so she wears sweatshirts all year long.

P.S. If you want to add Picasa to your blog too...right click on the pictures and it pulls up a link for you.


  1. both sweatshirts are very cute. They will keep your Mom warm & cozy in this cold weather.

  2. I just "dressed up" a couple of sweatshirts for my Mom too! Her shoulder is bothering her so cut them down the front, cut the cuff off to make it easier for her hands to go through, put binding all around, and used a couple of the magnetic closures (from making pocketbooks) as "buttons."

    ps. I love your sheep applique!

  3. Very cool. Your sheep remind me of my horse quilt that I made for my niece Lindsay. Your sweatshirts are great. I love both of them. I think the photo album is great. Mine is on my side bar and never thought of adding it to my bottom to make it bigger. Thanks!

  4. Well just look at you...making a fun picture show for us! Looks good!


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