Wednesday, May 12, 2010

giveaway contest

The Vintage Workshop is hosting a contest with 2 gift sets of some rather nice items...especially the notecards seen at the bottom of this photo. Go check them out and read the blog post about the contest. This is from a company that also has patterns, etc from Sarah Sporrer who is an absolute favorite of mine.
Check them and Indygo Junction out. They are inspiring!

I have been on the 'blink' this week and am getting well enough hopefully to feel good at work the next 2 days. Nothing quilt worthy going on around here but I read a good book by Jennie Nash, The Last Beach Bungalow. I really enjoyed it. The library is holding copy of The Aloha Quilt... new by Jennifer I'm looking forward to reading that next.
I bought a Bendable Bright Light (after seeing it on Carrie Nelson's blog) and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread :-) One for my Bernina and one for my longarm. With aging....more light really helps those eyes function better!


  1. Not feeling well? I didn't know you had a long arm! Nice!

  2. I am with you on the bendable light...I may end up getting one for each of the machines!

  3. Hope you're feeling better by now. I may need to try the bendable light. Lately I've been thinking I need to try glasses!

  4. Hope you're recuperated now & can walk those dogs in that wonderful forest.

    How do you plug in a bright light on your longarm? I'm scratching my head on that one.

    I did buy a 5" lighted magnifier at MQS - recommended by Renae Haddadin. It clamps on the handles and is great for detail work. I'm finding my eyes are getting older, too, and sometimes need magnification even for routine work so I'm not slouching over the machine to see the stitching around applique or other motifs.


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