Thursday, June 17, 2010

giveaway notice :-)

Mary at Quilt Hollow is having a sweet giveaway. I've been enjoying her blog posts for some time now and this one even has a 'reward' !
PS Mary wants you to mention that you heard about her giveaway from my post if you make a comment on her site.
Quilting and blogging at my house have been at a relaxed summer pace...even though the weather has been cold and even blustery! I hope to share some pics soon. I wish the rest of my schedule was 'relaxed' :-)
Marianne says it's boring here.


  1. Loving Marianne!!
    Thanks for posting and because you did...your name is in another little special giveaway...each time your mentioned...another entry in the special giveaway!!

  2. Don't you just love


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