Tuesday, June 29, 2010

summer projects

It is still cool here but less blustery. I think we are finally moving into some June gloom just in time for the month to end. We have been sitting on our front porch wrapped up like it is snowing but enjoying the fresh air and chatting with neighbors taking their walks. This has given me some nice to time to read and hand stitch. I completed the 3rd block for the Psalms study and quilted Izobel, the giraffe.
This block is called Patience and is for the study of Psalm 37. Wait for the Lord and keep his way.
Izobel is ready to grace a wall for me. She holds a fond memory of Nancy Brown's class and being able to see Nancy's quilts up close and personal. She does such amazing work with the animal portraits. I am in awe.
Prepped here is this week's handstitching.
I'm also making up a quick little quilt for visiting nephew and niece.


  1. Great block! And Izobel is darlink!

  2. I'll trade you my 100 degree temps for your cool and blustery. Your Psalms study blocks are so interesting...very untraditional, I can wait to see the finished quilt. And Izobel is too too cute.


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