Monday, September 6, 2010

mailbox party and giveaway notice

Came home from a very busy day in the ER to find a whole lot of fun going on in my mailbox. I had ordered this umbrella not because I needed one but because it was PLAID! Silly me. It probably won't even rain much this year in this usually drought ridden area. I'm trying to figure out a way to leave it open and 'on display' without scaring the cats.
Plaid is just so fun. I love it and hope I'm going to find a bunch of it in stores this year cuz I think it might be 'in' this season.
Then I opened a package with the book I won in the recent giveaway for the Pet Picture parade. Kay Mackenzie sent me a copy of her book which will hopefully help me with the overload of novelty fabrics I'm hoarding.
Thank you Kay!
And then for a total surprise..there was this adorable Snap bag from Mary at Quilt Hollow
It is so cool! My rotary cutter and ruler and scissors fit ...but I'm not sure if I'm using this for quilting notions...not sure yet. It is handy for many ideas. Included in the bag were the 2" squares of Bar Harbor charms by Minick and Simpson. These are especially fun...the fabric is wonderful...and they are called Bar Harbor which reminds me of Maine (I love Maine) which reminds me of fall(I love fall!) which reminds me of PLAID...and as I've said I love PLAID. Yes, I'm a little nuts! Thank You, Mary :-)
So I've been doing more hand stitching and some crochet as I sit watching tv and recovering from work. We have been watching the past seasons of Leverage..liked it. And an older BBC program of Delderfield's To Serve Them All My Days. I read many of his books including this one back in the 90's and we enjoyed watching this one.
Click the picture of the buttons and head over to The Quilted Fish for a great giveaway! And have a happy holiday :-)


  1. Gee, that was a really great mail day! And the umbrella...Adorable! And the snap bag...Adorable! You are just livin' the dream over there on the coast. Hugs from me.

  2. Seems like you might have a thing for plaid. I'm not really sure but maybe.....

  3. The theme for out last quilt meeting was Plaid makes me Glad...your would have fit right in!

  4. Had I of know plaid!! :-)

  5. Oh, what nice goodies you got. And such a fun umbrella.

  6. Loris: What a cheerful umbrella, and the fabric and other goodies are wonderful! And thank you for the link to the give-away.


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