Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a couple of finishes

Finished this small floral quilt for a co-worker but I'm not sure if this is her style or not. This was started with some leftover blocks from the quilt I made for my mom. I quilted it using the Plumage panto. I love the feathers but this pattern is kind of narrow which means more passes on the longarm. Perfect for a smaller quilt as I don't run out of interest like I would on a queen size.

So in case she isn't into sweet florals, I pulled from my stash and made up this quick darker quilt...which I sort of prefer for me as well.  I put the feathers on this one too.

Carol of Brown Quilts posted about a friend of hers making pillowcases for servicemen and women. Some help could be useful so several of us are pitching in.  Feel free to join the effort if you are so inclined. It is kind of fun. Here are the two that I am sending off.

I'm currently working with more leftover blocks making a quilt for me :-)  Will show pics of that later but I leave you with improved pics from my new camera of my friends, the billboard cows on 101 north to Salinas. These guys always make me smile.


  1. Love the billboard cows and am completely jealous of your finishes. Wish I could say the same thing.

  2. The billboard cows are funny. I like the darker quilt better, but some people love muted quilts. Guess that it is good to offer a choice.

  3. Sweet of you to make something for a co-worker. I used to do that. Helps them remember you after you move on. And you are using up those left over blocks and fabrics.

  4. both quilts are lovely. I do like the floral one. I am sure she will like either one.
    I found some fabric on my trip to make some pillow cases for Carol. I am going to work on them this week. Love your fabrics.

  5. Both of those quilts are wonderful and I'm sure she'll be happy with either! Such a wonderful idea about the pillow cases :0)

  6. What a lucky co-worker. To receive such a personal gift like a quilt is quite an honor to begin with...but to get a choice is quite amazing!

    I like them both. One reminds me more of spring and summer, and the darker one looks more like fall and winter. I'd never be able to pick. :)

    Those cows are a hoot!


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