Wednesday, May 4, 2011

quilt show

Seven Sisters Quilt Show this weekend in San Luis Obispo was lovely. Here are just a few pictures...
Rose quilt by my friend, Rana :-)

A dog quilt that was pretty cute.

Viewer's Choice

Marianne says my camera skills are pretty boring.

But finally there is some quilt piecing going on around here. I'm making a little quilt for a co-worker from extra blocks from the quilt I made for my mom.

I'm having quite a time with this blogging template today, fighting to keep the font I want and having it align on the left. I am not much of a HTML warrior though so I'm signing off to piece. My sewing machine is much nicer to me!


  1. Just checking in to say hello as I had a moment. I agree...blogger is a stinker at times!

  2. I have some of the same issues with blogspot sometimes. I'm sure that some piecing will make you feel better. Just take the que from Marianne and chill.

  3. Great quilts. Rana made a super quilt.

  4. The applique quilt is a beauty. Quilt show season is over as far as I know here in Florida. Wish I could travel to some further north.

  5. Yes, blogger want to center everything for me right now and I don't know why. Thanks for sharing the pictures from the quilt show!

  6. Great pictures from the quilt show. I have trouble with blogger too photos are really spread out when I view them...I need to figure it out...but I get tto busy with other things!

  7. How lucky you were to get to go to the quilt show. What beautiful quilts. Knock on wood, I haven't been having too many problems with Blogger, but I don't post often, so maybe I skip over the difficult days! ~karen


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