Thursday, September 15, 2011

meet Wizard

Here is my completed pup applique. It looks like another dog I used to know rather than my dog, Bridget. So I'm calling this one Wizard. I definitely needed some practice with this (and I need to wash out the pencil markings!). So I'm going to shop for some perfect fabrics..maybe hand dyes and then make a picture with my two labs, Sandy and Bridget. Then if Mosley is sweet and not acting like a criminal, I'll try one with his picture....if!
I really enjoyed stitching this boy. Marianne is posing here while I type this reminding me that she would also look beautiful in a quilt.  She's right, of course.

In the meantime, the quilt group I meet with monthly has started a BOM. It is a mystery revealed one step each month. If you would like to join along with us, check out Pieces of Rana's Life for the pattern instructions.
This is my effort for the first month.  The edge is just turned over and will hopefully look alot smoother when I stitch it onto the background.

Pumpkins :-) just in time for autumn!


  1. Your pup applique is precious...looks very real! Pumpkins are popping up everywhere...welcome Fall!

  2. I love your dog applique!! LOVE it. :)

  3. Hey, that Wizard piece is great! Congrats! I need to get to work on my own pumpkin before he gets buried somewhere!

  4. APPLAUSE! You did it and he looks wonderful!

  5. HOw cool! I love your doggie!!!

  6. Wow, Loris, I really like your dog and pumpkin. Great job! Yes,Marianne would look great as a quilt.:)
    Off to see the link.

  7. Oh MY!!!! My beloved Golden Retriever, Morgan, has been gone for nearly two years now. I am still at a loss without her. She was my gold standard for love and affection.

    Needless to say, your quilt speaks volumes into my heart. :-)

    Labs and Retrievers are like God's gift to dog lovers, IMHO. You did a wonderful job. Also, the one with many dogs that you showed a few days back is astonishing. I can't comprehend that kind of talent or patience. Such an inspiration!


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