Friday, October 14, 2011

west coast quilt show

Pacific International Quilt Show is this weekend in Santa Clara, California. I was able to go yesterday and really enjoyed some beautiful quilts as well as meeting up with some of my favorite quilters! First on my agenda was to see quilts that Nancy Brown had entered. I was thrilled to see a blue ribbon by her quilt with the elephant seals and penguins. I love it when the judges realize what good taste I have and they put the ribbons on my favorites :-)
 I love the expressions on these girls faces (the elephant seals depicted here are the females...I don't know about those cute penguins though...there could be some boys there).

 Here is another quilt of Nancy's that was commissioned by another quilter. Just by looking at this picture, you could tell this was a very sweet grandmother. I know the pigeons liked her :-)
 There were some beautiful quilts with flowers. Iris are my favorite.
 This quilt was gorgeous fall colors and included plaid.
 This quilt really was inspiring to me. I don't know if the picture will show it well but it has the look of wood block art....I think I just made that term up...I don't know what they call it but...the background is black with the scene appliqued onto it (I think?!) is a breathtaking view of the Sisters Mountains in Oregon. So wonderfully done!
The vendors were as delightful as ever. I didn't do too much 'damage' but found some good hand dyes to use for applique pictures of my labs and some pretty batik layer cakes to make a couple of gift quilts. A sweet, memorable day!


  1. Oh, pretty quilts! I can't wait, I'll be at the show tomorrow. We'll have to compare notes on our favorites.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It kind of makes me homesick for San Jose where I used to live twelve years ago. But I did go to a small guild sponsored quilt show today in a nearby town. Enjoyed seeing Nancy's quilts. They are very beautiful.

  3. Oh! I wish I was there! Two of my quilts were in your show! Thanks for sharing pictures of others' quilts.

  4. Thanks for the kind words about my quilts. I had a lot of fun walking around the show with you. Can't wait to see your next pet portraits!

  5. Interesting how the quilts are varied from one region of the country to another - at least in the photos you shared. Love the landscape - on my list of quilts to attempt some day.


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