Tuesday, February 5, 2013

country windows start

I love the look of scrappy one piece blocks like large hexagons or small tumbler blocks and this country windows block.
I purchased a template from Country Threads and charm packs of beautiful Kansas Trouble fabric from my favorite LQS, Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero, CA.  And I'm off like a hurd of turtles  :-)
It's a slow process. Cutting the template pieces and marking the seam lines...important because the charm pieces are not equal and some of the seams are scant. I've also had to purchase white chalk refills for my Bohin mechanical pencil because using them in the small lines of the template seem to be pretty hard on them.  I can use a regular lead mechanical pencil for the light fabrics but the dark need the white.
Then I'm machine piecing them together into rows...then will hand piece the rows together.  All for a table cloth quilt.
This will take awhile but I sure love the look of these all together and it's a perfect project to do in some stolen moments.


  1. Reminds me of the special quilt you gifted me! Slow, steady and lovely too! Enjoy the process right?

  2. I think I am using some of that fabric on my row quilt from Bee in my Bonnet.
    That is going to make a very nice table topper.


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