Monday, February 11, 2013

quilts by other quilters

I'm enjoying a couple of quilts made by other quilters in my home.  This first one was gifted to me at Christmas by Mary at Quilt Hollow. I love the fabrics and sweet quilting on this little quilt that I'm using as a table topper. Thank you again, Mary!  I hope your move is progressing without too much chaos :-)
This next quilt came as a purchase from Cheryl Wall of Country Quilts who was doing some spring cleaning.
The smile on the crow cracked me up and I couldn't help but want to hang it up where I could see it all the time. This wall hanging is a big 54" affair and so displaying it will take a little thought and effort but I have the perfect place for it in mind. The homespuns and flannel suit me and this just all puts a smile on my face.
Hope you are finding some happy things to enjoy too! 
For quilting progress...I have sewn three rows of country windows together and cut out another pack of charms. Today, I'm marking them and machine piecing them into more rows.  I think I may need about 20 rows...we shall see.



  1. Wow they are so pretty..I love them..
    Big hugs Cucki x

  2. The Cheryl Wall piece is a very good one. And it is always a treat to be gifted one of Mary's quilts.

  3. Oh yes, n the midst of moving is always a joy. Lol!

  4. it seems Mary likes to share quilts with a lot of bloggers.
    She just sent me a little quilt for my birthday. she is so sweet. her move has brought her closer to me. I hope we can get together some once she is settled.


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