Friday, May 3, 2013

loot from the Quilt show

Torn between wanting to support the vendors who carried all that stuff in for us to see...and not spending too much money and bringing yet more fabric into storage here...this is the shopping that prevailed. Wonderful checked flannel and little pieces of wool from Farmhouse Threads who had a simply charming booth set up for us. I actually wish I'd purchased more there! Some lovely wool pieces from Quilter's Paradise,and Reets, Rags To Stitches. These are hopefully going to go in this project from Primitive Quilts 2013 Spring issue.

When leaving the show, I viewed these beautiful creatures enjoying the fields around the Madonna Expo. I waited for the beautiful golden horse to lift her head...but she was too intent on eating.

Today, I'm putting on the binding to my church window tablecloth and will post pictures soon. I have 24 of the X blocks to sew together for the charity quilt and still need to do the quilting on the wool wallhangings. So hopefully I will have some finishes to show soon....after I work the weekend at the hospital :-)
We are having a beautiful start to May here. Hope you are too!


  1. It is hard not to spend at the show knowing that if we don't those vendors can't stay in I hear ya! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Aww I love autumn so much and that quilt in the book looking so sweet..
    Big hugs xx

  3. The wools look yummy! One local shop began carrying some smaller pieces of wool but I wish they would stock a lot more. Never enough to pick from.

  4. None of our local shops carry wool so I pretty much always pick out a piece or two when I go to a show! We now have a little group of wool stitchers...the wooly woolies!

  5. Wonderful wool! Our shops here do not carry it or any prim wool or fabrics.So must shop online or at mid Atlantic Quilt show venders.


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