Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another baby quilt

...this time inspired by BunnyHill.
This pattern calls for the use of the Quilt in a Day specialty ruler...Small Flying Geese ruler. I'm leery ( had to look up the spelling for that word!)...anywho, I'm leery of specialty rulers sometimes but this one is actually pretty helpful. I've wondered about Open Gate's flying geese rulers and I don't know if they are the same technique or different but here's a bit about QIAD style.

First, I cut the needed squares.
Then marked and sewed them right sides together as directed.
Then sewed 1/4 inch from the marked line and then cut it down the middle.
And well...I forgot to take a picture of the next step. It results in half square triangles but they are not symmetrical. There is the triangle from the larger square on one side and the triangle from the smaller square making up the other half of it.
Taking the pressed open and (odd) two half square triangles, they are placed right sides together...but not where the seams would butt together. Rather it is where the pointy edges layer each other edge to edge...there's an odd little gap in the middle. Then another diagonal line is marked and sewn 1/4 inch from that line and cut down the middle.
Well, that was probably the most interesting step of the process and not the place to forget a photo...but here is what you get...

Two (only one is shown) of these odd shaped pieces to cut out the flying geese. The 2 original squares yield 4 flying geese. The scraps to the right are what I squared off with the final step of yielding the two geese from one piece.
The steps are clearly written in the instructions that come with the ruler. It seems to be a pretty clever way to make flying geese that come out accurate. I was impressed with the surface on the ruler that really kept it from sliding on fabric while trying to cut.

So all that to say...
I'm on my way :-)
Some of the fabric that I am using is from BunnyHill and some from Buggy Barn and one piece even from Robyn Pandolph. And even though it broke the bank purchasing it, I must say the quality is an absolute joy to sew with. It just feels wonderful!
I hope to find out about the Open Gate version someday but this was a nice technique to learn.
More later!


  1. I tried this method long ago. Just last week I had to make a bunch of them for the QAL I post about. Melissa does them four at a time and has a tutorial. Mine turned out perfecto!!

  2. hmmm! I have one of those rulers still in the plastic wrap. I might have to pull it out sometime.

  3. A nice easy way to make pinwheels. And I think pinwheels for a baby quilt is such a whimsical look.


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