Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Quilt Finish

Another baby quilt completed. This is the one from a Bunny Hill design. I changed the applique designs using a free giraffe and elephant from Birch.
I fused the designs on with Misty Fuse that I bought awhile back from IHAN. This was my first time using it and found it perfect for this application. There is no stiffness from the product and it is well adhered. I thought long about how I wanted this to look and decided to just stitch a single line following the edge of the critters to applique them on.
Using the same elephant pattern and then a giraffe pattern from Bunny Hill, I made little stuffed animals filled with just poly-fill.
Next week is the baby shower for the new mama and I hope she likes them!

One more baby quilt on the list and then I'd better get started with Christmas!



  1. BRILLIANT!!!!! OMGosh! This is one of the cutest baby boy quilts ever and bonus little toys to match are BRILLIANT!

  2. This is so lovely, Loris. I am sure this mother to be will be more then happy with them. How cute to make matching animals and love the colors you used.


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