Monday, September 30, 2013


Soon to be released is Jennifer Chiaverini's twenty second novel, The Spymistress. I've read all her books starting with The Elm Creek series. I am now enjoying her latest works that are more specifically about the Civil War era which also includes Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker.
In all her books, she brings the characters to life in intriguing stories that show emotional frailties and growth, courage and creativity. In The Spymistress, she introduces us to the historic character, Elizabeth Van Lew who bravely "risked everything by caring for Union prisoners of war—and stealing Confederate secrets" (see Jennifer Chiaverini's website for more).
The story begins in Richmond, the state capitol of Virginia that is facing the shift of allegiance from the Lincoln White House to the Confederacy. "Lizzie" finds herself shocked by the changing views of those around her.  Division found even in her own family begins to reveal that she and those not agreeing with the change are becoming at risk. It sets the stage for her own courage and commitment to make history.
The reading is an enjoyable and thought provoking time of learning more about the early history in the United States and about the challenges met by the people of that time. It echoes in challenges that most of us are faced with at some time or another in dissonance found in life that calls for perceptiveness and decision.
Lizzie and her family, Eliza and the others are full personalities that tell a great story. Jennifer Chiaverini paints a complete and inviting picture that will draw you in quickly.
Links for where this great read can be found:
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