Monday, July 14, 2014

it's about time...

that I got back here with an update :-)
The past 2 months have been full. I finally got to sewing something a couple of weeks ago. I had some leftover blocks from the my blue quilt and took those as a way to get going again.
We have been working to get my mom's little house ready for some painting, etc....painted by professionals...not me! And that started today, so to celebrate I am sewing blocks into rows and am enjoying time in my sewing room again.
Looks much like the last quilt...
Today's quilt help is brought to by Marianne
and Sabra
More later...





  1. Oh, I love it!!! I set mine differently, and love your setting!

  2. Help? Looks more like they are rubbing in the fact they are taking naps and you're not. ;o)

    The second quilt looks at good the first.

  3. this is a beauty Loris..and I love blues..

  4. Its so beautiful my dear xxx


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