Wednesday, July 16, 2014

shout out to Julie in Texas :-)

I need to make a quilt fast for a co-worker whose sister has just had the bad news of cancer metastasis. I thought about giving the blue on I'm finishing. But these girls are strawberry blondes and their personalities are so much like sweet sunshine when they walk in the room. I need something bright.
An email from the AllPeopleQuilt group included a quilt pic that I'd seen before but never thought about because hey...I'm more into the dark side of color ;-)
So I need to go shopping right?
Looked online and found a charm pack of Kaffe Fasset but oh's not available yet. Well, I'll check my LQS on Tuesday when I have a half day at work. could at least look in the cupboard...
Hmmm. what's that?
Oh my! look at these fabrics from the shirt scraps Julie sent me!
These are exactly what I need!
Thank you again, Julie. What a treasure :-)

Crazy, I know...from nothing to 2 posts in one day!
more later...


  1. Those are definitely "sunny". Now I'm curious as to which quilt you chose.

  2. What bright fun plaids! Aren't quilty friends the best?! So sorry to read about your co-workers sister.

  3. Aww it's going to be lots of fun :)

  4. The quilt will be a wonderful offering during their difficult and emotional time. It will represent a simple reminder of how much others care. Julie is a sweetie, I must add! What pattern did you choose to make?

  5. Quilts can heal so much, both the quilter and the receiver....Can't wait to see your finished work.

  6. Love that you are using your scraps!! Thank you for the shout out!


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